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May 10, 2010



Yes to bonus patterns using the leftovers. Love to new quilt.

Elinborg Dagmar Lárusdóttir

alltaf sniðugt að fá snið og eða hugmyndir um hvað hægt sé að gera við afgangsefni...en ég hlakka mikið til að sjá nýju efnalínuna þína hér á klakanum, verð að segja að ég er ekki mikð fyrir bleikan lit en þetta lofar góðu :O)


Love all your new patterns and fabric!!! See you there!


Excellent idea for a left over quilt, especially if you then use on the back and have a reversible quilt!!!!!
I enjoy your patterns, also gorgeous new fabric line.
Your toooooooo clever!!

Kim G

Thank you!! I love the leftover quilt! Congratulations to the other winners, can't wait to receive my copy of the book! I e-mailed you my address. Thanks again!

Gale Lavers

I love bonus leftover projects and both of the quilts are winners in my books. Congratulations to the lucky winners.
Keep the great patterns coming.


Congrats to all the winners!!! :)

And I love the idea of a "leftover" quilt pattern! You know we always have some leftovers.... hehehe


Nancy H

Anything you do is a real bonus for us to use leftover fabric with- like the potholder and table runner you showed us you made with leftover.

Penny Rau

Congratulations winners! I think having a bonus pattern for the leftovers is a fabulous idea. Sometimes I have leftovers and just can't come up with an idea and now there is one! Thanks again.

Miss Nancy

Congratulations to the winners!! I think a bonus pattern for fabric leftovers is a great idea. I would certainly make use of it. I might even use the bonus pattern without leftovers.

Have a super great day.

Kim Gurry

Hi! Not sure if I was the Kim G or not. Hopefully so - the book looks wonderful. Kim G aka Gurry... gurry(at)


I like the idea of a leftover project--uses up scraps instead of having them sit around.

Leslie Schmidt

Congrats to the lucky stiffs who won the book! I'm sure they will be churning out lots of cool quilts.

I think it's a great idea to include directions for making something with leftovers. It helps clear out space in which to put new fabric! Great idea!

Lynn Vogel Turbes

It's always fun to see what the possibility of the leftovers are! Very creative!

Mary Grace McNamara

Love it! The main quilt and the leftover quilt are both fabulous. I really appreciate the bonus leftover pattern because I can never think of anything to do with my leftovers!

Congratulations to the book winners! I guess I'll have to see about getting mine the old fashioned way :)


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