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June 15, 2010


Keith Blaze


ALl the stories are interesting to read and sometimes we can relate to the stories. Thanks for posting this blog. I'd love to read more of your stories. God Bless.

Mary Jo

PLEASE have another blog hop! Love hearing the stories and loved the projects!! Looking forward to the next one!!

Gale Lavers

The blog hop was so much fun and I got lots of Christmas gifts done using the great patterns. I would love to take part in another one. Keep up your great work.

Bonnie Nyquist

I have been looking forward to the next Blog Hop! First thing I did in the morning is check it all out! Very informative and enjoyable, got to know all of you so much better, Loved everything,and ordered a lot of stuff!Now when I see your patterns/fabrics, I know exactly who you are, like visiting with a friend!
Market looked like so much fun!!!

Judy Stokes

I thoroughly enjoyed the blog hop and would love for you to do it again. The stories were interesting and I feel I got to know all of you a little better. I even recognize your names when I'm shopping now. :)


The blog hop was great fun and I would definitely join in again.


Blog Hop was fun and getting to see and learn more about the different designers.


I loved the blog hop. I wll do it again if you have another one.

Denny Shaw

Yes, yes, yes. Loved the Christmas blog hop, every single part of it. Getting to know everyone a little better was good and the projects were super. So glad you are thinking about it for this year.
Denny in PA

Andee Neff

Loving that block..I just joined in on that and can't wait to get the materials in the mail!


I loved the blog hop and would definitely join you for another one! I didn't miss a day and really enjoyed all the great stories!

Leslie Schmidt

The hop really put me in a holiday mood. I hated to see it end, so I don't think it was too long. The stories were wonderful. I enjoyed getting to know people who were strangers at the beginning. The projects were so varied and fun. I think it would be hard to top it!
Glad you got to have a little break. Market must be exhausting!

Caryl W

I loved the Christmas blog hop last year!!! AND I would definitely follow it every day again! The projects were great...the flickr group was great to see what everyone was making...the stories were great...AND it was fun guessing the photos!!! Can you tell that I really..really enjoyed the blog hop??


A definite yes for another blog hop! Those of us who participated really appreciate all the effort you put into it - so, yes please, with thanks!


the hop was fun.


The hop was so much fun! The stories were the best but the projects were great, too:)


I loved the hop! Lots of great ideas for Christmas gifts and recipes and stories, too! I'll be hopping with you if you do it again!

Nancy H

I loved the blog hop! The first thing I did each day was check the computer for the new project. It wasn't too long- it went by so fast. Everyone did a great job and I appreciated all the hard work you did!! Love your website and your new book is as great as we knew it would be!!!

Paula W.

I really enjoyed the blog hop. The projects were great and it was fun to read the stories from all of you. Not too long at all! I didn't miss a day reading all of your blogs. I look forward to the next one. Thanks.

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