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January 24, 2011



Someone loves their Popsicle. I'm happy that your child are healthy and happy.

Leslie Schmidt

I kept telling my kids to stop growing up, but they never listened to me. Gisli looks like he's all boy. And MY birthday is Jan. 24, too! I'm happy to share it with such a fine young man. Happy Birthday, a couple of days late.


What a great tribute to your son, my oldest son is 51 and I still have those thoughts & feelings of times past.
Donna from Idaho


Happy Birthday Gisli! They do grow up sooo fast.

Gale Lavers

Loved seeing your Christmas pictures from New York and look forward to seeing the ones from Iceland. Your son is certainly growing into a beautiful young man. Where does the time go, my little boy will be 26 in March. Happy Birthday to Gisli, love his cute photos.


They really do grow up way too fast!

Stephanie in MIchigan

so sweet!

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