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July 21, 2008



I mailed you a box of donations yesterday. Hopefully is will arrive in time!

I was born in Florida and now I live in southern CA,with a little spent in Mississpppi, so I am quite accustomed to natural disasters!

Thanks again and please let me know if you receive the package in time!


Hope the package arrived ok. I think I am the annonimus from michigan. Your post was featured on the "quilt in a day" forum with a link to your site judi


Hi Gudrun! I have sent a parcel of goodies for the quilter's -hope it gets to ou in time! Thanks for doing this.


This touches me in so many ways, I'm so glad you are doing this. I will be sending a package Monday. I'm located where hurricane Rita came in and it wasn't flood waters but trees. There was one in almost every house. I can't even think about water in your home. That has to be a lot worse. I will be posting about your mission on my blog and thank you for putting this together.


I mailed 3 boxes today- 2 of fabric and one of books. That was a heavy one! I sent it "media" mail so it will take longer than the other two. I actually have room to move around in my sewing area now! That's a mighty big job you've started! I hope everything finds an appropriate new home.


Hi Gudrun!
I am so touched by the generosity! Having seen what floods can do, my heart goes out to all of those involved. I actually emailed your blog post to my guild through our Yahoo group to see if anyone can help. I also have been cleaning out my nook and have some fabrics and such that I am not using that I would like to send to you for the ladies in Cedar Rapids. I hope to get them in the mail in the next couple of days. Thanks so much for reaching out to all of us- I may not be able to send a lot but I hope it helps anyway!

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