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July 11, 2008



I will be getting a quilt package out in the next few days from my stash --- so glad I came upon this site!!!

vikki tucker

i just saw your blog tonite. i am from iowa ~ how wonderful this is!! this will mean soo much to ones who have lost so much in the state with the weather tragedies. i am a quilter/fabric-sewing collector that would love to donate, plus would love to post about this on my blog. i am new to the blog world, so may need a how-to on the info to put on my blog. hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

Anita Owen

Hi Gudrun,
Read about your Quilting Care Packages on Pat Sloan's site. I will post a note on my blog and since all my quilting things are packed in order to move I will get a check in the mail to you so you can use it to fill in where needed with supplies. I had wondered if anything was being done for the midwest quilters and I am glad to see that it is.

Cindy C

I received many items from a friend who was downsizing to move to a much smaller location. She did not want to have to deal with selling them or having people sort thru her "stuff". I already had many of the items. I will clear it out and send some tools, and who knows what else I will find. I also did not want to sell and wanted to give the items to someone. This is perfect. I know how devestated I would be if I lost my quilting/sewing supplies.


I'd love to send some fabric and other stuff. I will also pass the word on my blog. Blessings, marlene


I read about the donations on Pat Sloan's blog. How wonderful! I too feel that sewing/quilting brings calm and solace. I will be sending out material and probably books as well.

Tami in California

Hi - Saw your request on Pat Sloan's blog. I have a stash that I can send. I will get this in the mail. Such a kind jesture. I'm sure everyone will appreciate the donations.

Jean  Stokes

Hi, So glad to be able to help someone else in need. I lost everything in Hurricane Andrew and it is hard. I am passing the help forward. God Bless you for doing this.


Hi! Just found out about your request for donations on Pat Sloan's blog. Wanted to let you know that Leisure Arts will be sending you a box of our quilt publications. I'll mail it out on Monday.


Hi! Just found out about your request for donations on Pat Sloan's blog. Wanted to let you know that Leisure Arts will be sending you a box of our quilt publications. I'll mail it out on Monday.


I'll be sending off a box this weekend and tonight I'll share this information with my guild!
Hopefully the recipients will feel our love packed in with the goodies and our best wishes that our little contributions help them get to feeling a little bit on the 'back to normal' side after this disaster.


I also have a small stash of fabrics to be donated, and I'm sure I can find some quilting books to "de-accession" as well, to send you. This is a wonderful idea, thanks!

Pam Matthews

Hi there - I have a big stash of fabric I have been wanting to give away - I will send it as soon as I can get it packed up! Thank you for providing this opportunity to help fellow quilters in need.

Rian in California

I can send fabric and books. Thank you for doing this.


I will send a box from California- a few books and some fabric. I'd send a lot of books, but they'd be sooo heavy! I'll do what I can,
Bless you!


Good Morning,
I just read your blog and I will get a package out this week. I can't imagine losing everything I have, my heart goes out to those who have. I have been blessed with so much that I will pass some blessings on to others. Thank you for giving me a place to send these blessings.
Carol in Indiana


Hi Gudrun,
I posted about your initiative today. I hope you get lots of donations. I can only imagine how upside-down the lives are for those affected by this.



I am new to blogging and not very many read my blog yet, but I posted about your mission on there anyhow as I do have a few readers and thats all it takes to get the message around. I will go through my stash tonight and send some out on the weekend to the address you have provided.
Good Luck

Linda W

I think this is a wonderful idea! I have gone through my stash and found some fabric, kits, thread and patterns that I will send to you via UPS later this week.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people that are dealing with the flooding.


Wonderful idea! Comes at a great time as I am down sizing my stash and other things. Will get a box out. Also will post your info on my blog.
Hugs to you,


Of course we'll help! Received in the mail today some lovely rich red cotton, wondered what to do with it - voila! ~ it shall be passed on to those who need it.
Best wishes to those affected from Canada.

Linda Parker

Your needs were posted on the Quilt in a Day Community Forum. I will be sending some of our books and rulers to you to help out. I will also go through my stash at home and pull fabrics to send.
Quilter's love to help quilters!
God bless,

Johnnie McGee

This is a wonderful thing to do Helping quilters. I am at work now, as soon as I get home I will see whats in my stash to help.


I have an on-line group "Yahoo Quilters Thread" They are a wonderful bunch of ladies that always seem to rally to a cause. I asked for QOV blocks and was able to make 10 quilts for the cause. I will post the info for them today. Having survived a flood last year I know how devestating it can be..May your heart continue to be filled with generosity.
Hugs to you and all like you,

Candra Sowder

Those of us in Iowa thank you for your concern. I live 20 miles from Iowa City and 40 from Cedar Rapids and cannot believe that the water could have ever gotten so high. I took a bunch of stuff to one of the sewing shops that is offering replacement machines to those flooded out and they will be distributing the stuff to them. We really appreciate all of the concern shown our state after the tornados and floods that have devestated parts of it. There are many other towns that could also use your support - New Hampton, Columbus Junction, etc. that are not getting as much press, but we do thank you for caring!

Candra Sowder, Williamsburg, Iowa

Carol McNab

Sounds like a really great idea. I got you addy from a member of Canadian Quilt Swappers. I will post your note and addy on my blog at:
I will also look here and try to get a parcel ready to go to you. Good luck with the journey.

Nikki Moshier

Hi, I recently donated most of my stash to my Bosnian friends that quilt for charity. But I have a few pieces I can share. Count me in. I can only mail a letter size envelope from Sarajevo where DH works for the US embassy. Quilters have been so kind to us here in SJJ as we have no quality quilting fabric.....I would love to play it forward.
Nikki in Bosnia (saw this posted on Heartstrings Yahoo Group)


I have posted the link to an online group and will send a money donation as postage is so high. I think they could use money too!

Gale Lavers

I belong to two online groups in Canada, The Mapleleaf Quilt Guild and Canadian Quilt Swappers I will post your web page on both the groups. I am sure my fellow Canadians will step up and help our fellow quilters in America. I am also forwarding to my friend in Newfoundland that owns a quilt shop. I will go through my stash tonight and have a package ready for mail tomorrow. For myself sewing has gotten me through some rough stuff so I will be glad to help you out with your great idea.

Barbara Williams

I am very happy to donate fabrics, books, thread, and patterns which I will mail this week. Thank-you for coordinating this effort to let these quilters know we care!


I belong to a quilting bee in NH. I just emailed everyone your site. is it ok if we send all of our donations in one big box? thanks shannon


I am delivering about 300 yds of fabric, patterns, mags and notions to the Pine Needles quilt shop in Cedar Rapids IA on Monday, 8/14.

Carol E.

I will donate, and I will post it on my blog -

Celine Perkins

I just returned from the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area in eastern Iowa last night. The flood damage is extensive and I cannot imagine how difficult it has been for the people there.
You can count on my support!

Kim West

This is a good idea... I don't have a huge stash, but I do have a few things I won't use. I will get them out as soon as I can (probably after payday). I will also post it on my blog too!

Sandi Andersen

I found your site when checking out Celine's blog. I have a group that is gathering tomorrow for a "Sew and Share" day out here in Henderson, MN (south of Belle Plaine) to make items for those affected by the floods. I will add your blog to my personal blog which is at and a note that you are collecting quilty things. From that blog you can click on the Sew and Share blog or the direct link is
I am a former member of the Prior Lake quilters but moved recently to "the country" and love it. I will be posting lots of pics of items that have been donated over the course of this weekend so take a peek and see what we achieve for our first event (we plan to do this more than once).

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