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July 14, 2008


Judy JEsse

Where would I send quilts I make for flood victums tht I know will not get lost or sit in a warehose somewhere. I want them used for people that need them.

Jean Taylor

I just mailed a box of quilting books and patterns by media mail. You should receive them "before Christmas"! Hopefully in the next week or so... Thank you for the opportunity to share my abundance with others!! Jean from Burke


I've added a post to help spread the word and have my package ready to go. Thanks for helping all of us contribute.


Love to help! And my husband too would be thrilled to see my stash(s) go down. I'll definately send a package their way. I know how heartbreaking it is to not be able to find one special piece of fabric I had stashed -- It would be unimaginable to lose my entire collection. I'm glad to help though!


How wonderful of you to organize this effort. I read about it on Pat Sloan's blog today and came right here to read about what you are doing. I was moved by this effort and have just contacted the gal who does the newsletter for our guild. I gave her the link to your blog and am quite certain she will put something in our newsletter...which should be out within the next week. Our guild is good-sized and, as with most guilds, has very generous members. I am quite certain some will respond and contribute to your effort. Pat in DE

Sandi Andersen

Thanks, Gudrun, for posting the link to our Sew and Share blog. We had a very successful day and will be holding another sewing day, actually two days in Sept. - Fri. the 19th and Sat. the 20th. I'll be posting more info on it in the coming days. Getting ready to post photos of large quilts donated and each day this week will post more items to be donated. After talking to Mindy at the Salvation Army in CR this morn, it is clear that the need is huge and will be for months to come. Also, I will send some patterns and such off to you by the end of July. Sandi

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