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August 19, 2008


Gale Lavers

I just love the new pattern, it reminds me of Christmas. I could see hubby and I along with the little puppy snuggling under the tree with our wood stove burning lighting up the room. Sooooo romantic.

Annette Samborski

What a lovely pattern and love those colours too! I can picture either myself - or one of the 3 kidlets curled up in the big chair reading!! It doesn't matter if it's the middle of summer or winter - a blanket or quilt is sure to be close by. Or maybe it will become the quilt that the little man brings to the mummy and daddy's bed to snuggle up to the daddy and watch the news with..... the possibilities are endless.


Great pattern that looks like it would fun to make using some fussy cuts for the block centers. I'd like to cuddle up under it while watching a favorite movie with my honey.


What a beautiful quilt! I would use it to keep warm while I read blogs and email this winter.

Nancy E

Love the quilt & fabric! When I'm sitting in my rocker recliner reading a book or watching TV, I would have the quilt on me. Again, it's just a very nice quilt!


What a lovely pattern. I can see myself snuggled under that quilt watching tv in my family room in the evening.


i think that the pattern is perfect.
it has simplisticity AND some edge.
good going. and congrats.

i live in ohio so fall is right here on our front porch. if i were to have this lovely lap size quilt, i would snuggle with my 'irish twins' on the front porch.


That pattern is just gorgeous! I plan on decoarting our new house with quilts, both new and very old. This one looks perfect for cuddling on the couch in front of a cozy fire.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Love the stars! It would be a nice challenge for me as I've not done a ton of triangles - but I always welcome a challenge!`


Hi, I love your pattern and the warm cuddly colors. If I have the opportunity to make this quilt I would have it in the sofa to keep me warm during the long cold winter here in Northern Sweden.


What a lovely pattern! Would love to cuddle under that quilt. I'm a very frozen person and can always use a nice quilt to keep me warm when stitching or wathing TV.


Love that pattern! I would love to make that up so I could cuddle under it on my sofa while I stitch and watch tivo.


I think your pattern is lovely, I would love to try it!

Lynne in Hawaii

The star quilt pattern is awesome! I would cuddle on the couch, watching good movies or old TV series during winter. It does cool down at night here in winter! LOL!


I Love star quilts! The first thing I would do is cuddle under the florescent light at the fair grounds for the quilt show we have coming up! Then take my ribbon and wear it proudly. After a hang in my office I would use it on the couch and have a tug of war with my kids as who of the 4 of them gets to sit under it.

Karen C

Love the pattern, the colors are outside of my norm but l'd love to try them.

To snuggle - do we only have to pick one favourite place to snuggle under a handmade quilt - every snuggle is my favoutie!!!!

sandi a.

Nice design, Gudrun. I like how the stars look like they spin - or at least they look that way to me :-) I would snuggle up with this on my lap while sitting in my sewing chair and doing some stitching. I especially like the fabric used in the larger quilt. You have a really nice fabric line.


Great pattern....Love the fabric!!!


Love the star pattern and color combo. I would love to snuggle under it on the couch watching my favorite tv shows.


Wow!! What a wonderful quilt to cuddle up with by the fireplace in the upcoming winter. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!!


I'd make this quilt to snuggle with my fiancee during our honeymoon :)


looks like a great quilt for picnicing in the park with to me! :-)


Beautiful pattern and a GREAT giveaway! (my fingers are crossed for a big win!)


Vickie E

I love your patterns! This quilt would end up on my couch for my husband or daughters to cuddle under while they play the Wii! I will post your giveaway to my blog...thanks


Beautiful. I would love that pattern. I think the tabletop version would look fab on my kitchen table. =)


what a fantastic pattern! I am going to be sure to look for it here in Nh if I don't win! congrats to you!!!! awesome!


Your quilt is beautiful, I love the colors, especially in the table topper. Some of my favorite memories were childhood memories at the lake. I like the name of the quilt.


Oh what a beautiful quilt! I'd have to take that one to our cabin in Northern Michigan, cuddle under it and watch the deer and turkeys as they travel by. When I'm there, I have refused to leave until I've seen both!

Debi Lohr

I would take this quilt with me to Calgary to see my grandchildren before they go back to Austria in early September. It is colder in Calgary than it is in Dallas!


I am a big fan of stars. I have loved this pattern since you first showed it a few post back. This is a TV watching quilt that is for sure. It would stay on the couch.

Charlie Kansas City


I love the pattern. I live in Ca. now but it reminds me of the indian summers in Iowa. So I would snuggle at night while working on my stitchin and have warm happy thoughts of my days being home in Iowa:)
Polly in Long Beach


Welcome back from Ireland.
If I won this quilt I would make it and give it to my brother for Christmas. By the way I have only seen my brother twice in my lifetime (he was raised by my aunt) and lives in another province. My daughter and I are finally going to see (meet) him in October. I would feel blessed to make and send him this quilt.


Lovely pattern. I could use this on me as I hand quilt since my hubby keeps the air conditioner on high, in turn freezing me out.

Linda W

I am drawn to patterns with stars, so this one is right up my alley. The placement of the star points creates dimension and an illusion of movement. I would put this in my family room so that my husband and I could snuggle under, and of course the cats on top, when the weather cools off.


Great quilt. Where would I cuddle with this quilt? My dream would be in Montana on my property but that won't happen for a while so I will have to say in my chair in the living room while watching television.


I love your patterns!! This one is no exception! I would use this quilt on my couch and snuggle under for my afternoon naps that my husband teases me about that I have to take. That is ok, I get to sleep under a nice quilt even if I have to turn my AC on to do it!

Pat B

The MN Shop Hop was so much fun! Unfortunetly I was not able to see the shops that had yours (summers are so busy)so I am delighted to see the completed quilt here.

It would be a wonderful quilt to snuggle under on the cold Minnesota winter nights.

Susan Cahill

I love the pattern, I am partial to stars of all kinds and it looks like you fussy cut the centers, very nice touch! I would snuggle on my couch with my wonderful hubby when the snow starts to fly, which will be all too soon.

Nicole (ikkinlala)

That's a lovely quilt! I would use it on the couch in the living room, where I read and knit.

Lovísa Herborg

hæ hæ
Ég er alltaf svo hrifin af stjörnum, þannig að þetta fellur alveg í kramið hjá mér og ætli maður mundi ekki bara kúra undir því við sjónvarpið....


The colors would be perfect for my family room. I would snuggle with my DH on the couch and stitch while he watches Fox News.

Becky in Georgia

Love the stars in your new pattern. I'd love to snuggle under this quilt while recovering from surgery. My doxie loves to burrow under quilts with me.


That is a great pattern. I really like the way the setting adds to the whole quilt pattern. I'll have to look for the patten and fabrics if I don't win.


Great Pattern Gudrun!
Since I am the first person to comment, I seriously doubt I will win, but I would love to make that to snuggle under with my grandsons, when they are finally able to visit from Hawaii. Haven't seen them in three years, so we have lots of catching up to do!(They are 3 1/2 and 6 1/2, so pretty soon they won't want to snuggle, and we won't fit!)
Hope your recent visit with family was all you hoped for!

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