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September 10, 2009


Mona Mundorff

Hi, I saw a quilt online at a store called Boscov's. The quilt was named Dakota Trip Print Quilt. I put it in my shopping bag, but a few days later decided to finish my shopping and order it. As it turns out, it was no longer available. Since I'm a South Dakota reared gal, would like to find out who made it. Any hints. I searched the internet and that is the only store that carried it. Thanks.

Barbara Henkle

Hello, just found your website in time for the hop! Can't wait to make the quilt as you go tree! Barb

Judy Running

Your quilt reminded me of the game Dominoes. It's fun to play and your
quilt looks like it'd be fun to make
Judy Running


The links remind me of a bracelet. My first thought was "Devil's Bracelet," but that probably would not sell too many patterns. lol So, maybe Charm Bracelet, or Pulsera (which is bracelet in Spanish).

Gale Lavers

Hi Gudrun,
How about calling it "Gisli's Dream" since it is shown where he would like a dream of his to come true. Good Luck with your class on the 19th.

Great pictures.
I thought Eighteen Wheeler for your quilt.


The first thought I had was 'Stepping Stones' but I see you've already had that suggestion. So how about 'Tower Bridge'.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Isn't Devil's Tower amazing.

Love the new quilt - I say name it "The Main Chain".


Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! They make me want to take a trip! Love the quilt and can't wait to get my hands on your new book!
The first name I thought of was
Stepping Stones

Take care and thanks again!


I love your blog and especially love the "sneak" peak quilt! I have some ideas for a name:

a. Climbing Devil's Tower
b. Reach for the Sky
c. Climbing Upwards
d. Mountain Quest

Hope you like them! Thanks!

Ruth B

Love the Black trip. 2 ideas came to mind for naming your quilt. My first thought was "Cobblestones" and then I thought of "Rocky Road".

Darlene B

How about "Happy Trails"? The way the segments connect kind of reminds me of hiking trails. Beautiful quilt! Or what about "Desert Canyons"?

Pat B

Looks like a fabulous trip. Given the location of the picture and the quilt (which is fabulous), the name Prairie Dog Town comes to mind.

badlands quilts

Fun photos... there is so much to see in that area between the black hills, the badlands & yellowstone!

I first thought of two very different ideas when I saw your quilt - how about "ancient beads," OR "board game?"

Good luck!

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