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October 01, 2009


Brenda O. Kowalski

I love all the quilts but the Anglers Choice quilt is my favorite - Your book has some great patterns. Thanks for sharing.

Peggy C

Wow; I'd love to go to Houston and see all the goodies. And where can we get the book with patterns for jelly rolls?


The new book looks great - I think Pinball Wizard is my favourite. Can't wait to see it 'in the flesh' so to speak.


WOW! More great quilts :) This book is going to be a definite buy! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek!

Joan Rodiguez

Your book is sure to be a hit! I like your Pinball Wizzard pattern the best.

JoDee Karrmann

I am just checking your sight today and am very excited about your new book. all the quilts are beautiful and it is hard to pick my favorite. Although I am partial to stars I can see doing a couple of the quilts and table runners.

Elinborg Dagmar Lárusdóttir

þóttist vera búin að pósta hér en guð má vita hvert það fór.........

langaði bara að segja þér að ég hlakka til að sjá þessa bók þína hér á klakanum, er búin að sauma milky way(flóafár) og angler´s choice (notaði glow línuna í það sem er bara draumur í dós) fullt af öðru sem ég gæti hugsað mér að gera úr þessari bók, ynnilega til hamingju!!! með kveðju Elinborg D. Lár.

I love the pinball wizard quilt. This does look like a book I will have to purchase. I just wish it was easier to find your fabric and pattern books here in California.


I have yet to use jelly rolls but I think Anglers Choice just may be my first project to try. Thanks for sharing the preview with us.

Gitte A.

The Pinball Wizard i wonderfull. I'm not too good at choosing colors, I think it's difficult to predict the result. I think all your quilts in the book are fab.


Anglers Choice--for all those fisher-people out there.

Melisa Morrison

Love the new book! These projects will be perfect for my Strip Posse!

Mary Durham

Thanks for giving us a sneak peek. Your new book is fabulous. In this group, I think I like the Angler's Choice the best. It would be a great quilt to make for a guy.


Angler's choice has great movement in it, my fly fishing husband would like the name and the quilt too. The mint choc chip is a yummy bali pop!

Cindi P.

I believe Angler's choice is my favorite from this post. Maybe because it reminds me of summer and would be a perfect quilt for my fishing spouse.

Darlene B

I'm drawn to the Pinball Wizard quilt - which is totally out of my box! Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I'd even use brights instead of my usual country style fabrics.


I'm really loving the idea of making a table runner out of the leftovers from a large quilt!


It's between Angler's Choice and Pinball Wizard. It looks like this book is a winner!!

Melissa C

Out of this set, Twirl me too. It just looks cool. Then Angler's Choice. Looks like a great book.

Linda W.

Hands down my favorite is Twirl Me Too. The stars with the light centers bring to mind a piece of crystal, shimmering in the sunlight. The picture with your neighbor Hannah though is just too sweet for words. I am really looking forward to seeing this book. Congrats!

anne d

I love the look of this book!!!My favourite from today is Anglers choice.

Ruth B

Beautiful! Hard to choose a favorite but Angler's Choice really grabs me. I think it is the crisp white with the contrasting darker colors that I love. Pinball wizard would be a huge hit with daughter who loves circles. They are all wonderful and the fabric lines you chose are gorgeous as usual.


Angler's Choice is my first pick from this post. Gudrun, all the quilts in this new book look great and fun to make. I'll be looking for Strip On at my local quilt shop. Maybe one of the local shop on an upcoming shop hop in my area will have it! Thanks for showing us Strip On.


Oh my word! I so can't wait for Strip On. You have such talent! Every pattern is unique and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing all the great patterns. It's going to be a toss up on which pattern to start first.


I really like Angler's Choice, will be looking for this book at my local quilt shop unless I am lucky enough to win one. Thanks for sharing.


I really like them all but if I had to choose, I would say the Angler's Choice. Nice fabric selections.


I just love the Twirl Me Too......*S*...but I wouldn't toss any of them out.

How cute is she with the matching headband?

Christy Q

I love the Pinball Wizard quilt and the Eva jellyroll looks just perfect with it. I would probably make that quilt using Eva or Patisserie.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I love the Pinball Wizard quilt and especially with the Eva collection!! All of the quilts are wonderful.


Love the circle quilt............ I am so into circles right now...

Gale Lavers

Twirl me Too is my favorite on this post and I just love getting a bonus from the leftovers. The Hidden Stars quilt is a very close second choice, and your little prop does such a great job looking so involved in her book. Is she looking at a copy of the new book I wonder!!! PLEASE let us know where we can purchase one, just in case we don't win.

Betty in Ky

I love working with jelly rolls! Anglers Choice and Rocky Road are my favorites. This looks like a 'must have' book.


Pinball wizzard and Twirl me Too are my faves. I love those! I may give them a try in Figgy Pudding.

Moneik Stephens

Twirl Me Too is so cool! We had a request for a pattern like this just this weekend. Can't wait to see the new book.

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