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November 10, 2009


Dandelion Quilts

CONGRATULATIONS on the feature of your block!


What a great story and the coconut balls sound wonderful. Can't wait to try them.

terry hein

thank you for the yummy cookie recipe and congrats on the 100 block magazine

Jenny G

I love your block. I am trying to do a lot more original blocks, and this magazine looks great for that! What beautiful colors too!

Wanda Sotkowy

Awesome recipe! What could be better than coconut and chocolate! Then to enjoy them reading the wonderful magazine with your neat pattern just adds icing to the day. Thank you and I hope you chose my name. Thank you


Have to try the Iclandic cookies! This is fun. Cathy

Leslie Poole

I love the detail pictures how to on the tree block; very cool. How fun to grow up with so many cousins


Holiday traditions are as unique as the families that create them. And the memories of the traditions keep families strong. Thanks for sharing. I love the pockets - what a simple and fabulous idea.


Your star is gorgeous - love how the colour bursts from the corners... but then the Glow line is so lovely.....

Looking forward to trying out the recipes being shared today. Coconut balls look especially delish.


yummy looking treat! your tutorial is wonderful...thanks!

Pat Dillard

Thanks for the recipe.


I adore the colors you used in your block, you're really talented :)!


we too had the christmas meal in kids were last and then we never left!!! cool block but then i love all your fabric...lot's of points!!! Yess!!!

Hmmmm!!!! Being a chocoholic these look wonderful and coconut an added bonus. will be wonderful for Thanksgiving. The quilt block is beautiful.


I love the gorgeous colors of your block and it's one of my favorites!


oops! I mean I'll do some more on the quilt tomorrow! I should have proofed my comment!


Coconut is one of my favorites in cookies. Adding your recipe to my list for this year's Christmas baking. :-) My tree will go "up" on my blog soon. That is the tree in your pattern. I finished that much today and will do some more today. Fun pattern. Thanks so much!

Jayne Honnold

Your story is as funny as Sandy's! She had a friend with a kitchen-full of popped corn, and you have "extra extreme" burping contests! You'd fit right in to our family!! Thanks for sharing the recipe...I will have fun trying it!


I love the flair of Northern Flair-great colors

Lynne Sanders

Just love the block and that Aqua centre just sparkles. Great Fabric contrast. :-)

Judi H

Love the sound of these Coconut Balls and think I will try them this Christmas myself.

Gale Lavers

Those coconut balls are on my to-do-list for tomorrow, they look YUMMY. Love your block it would make a beautiful quilt.

Mary Flynn

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the magazine and explore all the blocks that folks like you share with the rest of us quilters. Oh and the coconut balls...I'd have to split the recipe to have coffee in mine and the rest of them without..(personally the coffee ones sounds better) Tee hee


Too funny about the Spur Cola. We never got "bottles" to ourselves either. We had to share "IF" there was a bottle for the kids - but Grandma and Grandpa always made sure there were bottles for each of us four children during holiday time.

And it was always a special treat when Grandpa would take us to the place where he worked. He worked at a big wholesale for foods warehouse. He worked in the fruits/veggies department so we got to always chose the biggest watermelons, strawberries and such to take home with us....yummy!!! I hadn't thought of that memory in quite some time.

Congrats on your block being featured in the Quiltmakers 100 blocks. You're a special lady!


Thank you for organizing this interesting blog hop...such fun! What a cute bunch of kids. I love hearing about everyones traditions, thank you.
I would love to win the magazine also.

Joan Lowder

WOW those are pretty and sound good and easy. They would make a nice gift for the neighbors. Thanks for sharing.

Ange Moore

Cola and burping contests - seems that kids the world over do that! Love the story and those coconut balls sound delicious!!

Barbara Henkle

Thanks for the "heads up" on the new magazine coming out with all the designer blocks- yours is a neat one! that would keep all of us quilting for quite awhile.
Will try the Coconut Balls because I love coconut and chocolate!


I love that block! It is very cool!

And thanks for the recipe!


Your block looks lovely, and the colours you have used have really shown it up....And recipes too, what more could we ask for.

Sheila Carita

You sure are a busy woman!!

I love your block for the 100 Block Blog Hop... the colors are beautiful! Can't wait to see the magazine.

Loved the family pic with the matching outfits..... hahahah My family did the same thing! What were our parents thinking??? All the hand me downs would be the same!




Ooooh. Those coconut balls look YUMMY!!

Beth Patrick

good idea using the large print for the big triangles,, I have some Christmas fabric that just might work.
and the coconut balls - sound delish! and no cooking!!! My kind of recipe!
thanks for sharing
Beth in Dallas


Those coconut balls sound yummy!
I love your quilt block, very cool!

Jill Neely

Great recipe and block~

Jill Neely

Thank you for sharing your heritage and recipe, very interesting.

The Quiltmakers 100 Blocks looks like fun. And the coconut cookies looks delicious. Thank you for the recipe. Koye


Thanks for the recipe. I can hardly wait to make it. Love the block too.


Your block is so great. Fun colors and I love what they do to the design. Thanks for the stories, for both Hops. I remember eating at the kids table and waiting patiently to be old enough to move up to the adults table. We didn't have so many to take turns but there were a lot of us. Thanks!

Becky in Georgia

Love your quilt block! I laughed right out loud with your burping contests. Sounds like my family. Fun!


Your block is wonderful. Can't wait to see this magazine on the newsstands. The recipe looks interesting. I bet they would also be good rolled in finely chopped nuts...

Chris Huesers

I love messy - so I'm going to have to try your cookies. :-)


Oh, my gosh! Those coconut balls are right up my alley. I can't wait to make them.
Nancy in WI

Lorraine Bradley

These are delicious......yummy...thank you.

Maria Isabel

Hermoso Gracias bloque por su regalo


thank you for your hard work, memory, and cookie recipe.

Fun to see the different projects
Nancy in IN


I am so excited to try those....a treat without eggs, my little boy will be so excited.

Melissa C

I love the layout of color in that block. Things like this help me make arrangement choices so much easier.

Jackie Naegle

What a nice site and I love the pattern and will try to get it done for Christmas. Thanks. Jackie

Jody in Marion IA

I love hearing about your memories from Iceland!

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