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November 11, 2009


Cheryl Petty

My favorite gift was a doll that my mother gave me when I was 8. My family couldn't afford to buy all of the outfits and so my older sister made me an entire trousseau. I still have the doll, her case and all of those beautiful outfits my sister made. Recently my sister and I were digging through old family picures and we came across the orginal patterns she used for those doll outfits. I am fifty-seven now and I always remember that Christmas long ago when I got that gift and now I have the patterns too, as well as the memories!

Susan Brooks

I love this walk down memory lane.

Mary Burn

I earned my first bike by picking cotton one summer. It was my pride and joy -- had a basket and a light on it.
Thanks for including me in your giveaway.


Great story! I remember my first bike-looked a lot like yours only blue. Every day during our Christmas break I was gone for hours riding-times were simpler then....


Martha Robinson

My brother would find the Christmas presents every year before Christmas and even get stuff out to play with it without Mom and Dad ever knowing. Maybe that's why, to this day, I still will peek at presents of mine if they are left under the tree.

Beth Patrick

thanks for sharing!

Leslie Schmidt

My mom always got my sister and me a new doll for Christmas. We rarely asked for a specific one, and Mom was very good at not getting the one that everyone else was getting. We got dolls called Dollikin, Sunny Tears, Tammy, Amosandra. My Sunny Tears was so real looking (to me) and Mom sewed her whole layette. Then 3 months after my mom died, I got a real baby--my son was born the day after Christmas.

Jayne Honnold

Thank you for the great ideas! Jayne


Memories... I have a special memory with a bike as well; I always wanted one for christmas, but I never get any, and all the christmas was really sad, because my dream gift wasn't there, well, long story short, I got a bike in the high school, in the lotto, they were giving away a bike, and tadaaaaaaa I won it!, can you believe how happy I was?, then my parents didn't buy me the bike for christmas!

Sheila Carita

I remember my first "big girl" bike... purple, "banana" seat.... it was wonderful!!

Thanks for sharing



Sue Goodin

My favorite Christmas was the year my youngest then 2 1/2 wanted BREAD for Christmas (yes she loved bread). So I put a BIG bow on a loaf and put it under the tree. She was so excited when the girls got up that she ripped into the bread and would not open another present until she had several slices of bread eaten.


I remember getting a red bike for my birthday. Loved it til I crashed into a fencepost. Forever after that you had to hold the handlebars just right because they were permanently bent in my little crash. :-) I'm not really an overacheiver but I did finish your quilt project just a bit ago and posted it to Pat's flickr group. It was fun to do. Thanks so much for the great tutorial on it!


Thank you for your memories.
I loved to bike in his youth.


Thanks for sharing such a special memory.

Love the bike story which reminded me of the Sears bike my sister and I rec'd as a sharing gift. We lived on a hillside, so only had a short distance we could ride it and that level part of the country road got a lot of use by that catalog ordered gift.


Christine Thomas

Thank you for your memories.

Debbie  St.Germain

I remember my first bike. My dad found it at the dump and he fixed it up and it looked brand new. With eight kids in a family, having your own bike was a luxery;)


Chris G

Thanks for sharing. I remember getting blue figure skates with fur around the top. They were my favorites.


That's so fun! I never got a bike for Christmas, but then, I always wanted books instead. :)


It's so fun reading about Christmas memories.

Tammy L

I love your bike! I got a trike when i was 2 and thought I was really cool.

Julie in WA

I remember getting a Barbie Doll case one year. I still have all my Barbies and stuff in it; I thought my daughter would love it as much as I did. But no, she had her own ideas, bought her own Barbie's at garage sales, and has collected more Barbie stuff than I ever had!


Amiga, gran historia de recuerdos. Los regalos favoritos son aquellos que han hecho mis hijos cuando pequeños con sus manos, aun conservo algunos.


One year I got a Barbie house too but it wasn't homemade. But I sure used it alot - ALOT! Barbie - she's been around for years. Even our 5 year old granddaughter loves her Barbies today.

Cindy in TN

I am really getting the Christmas spirit. Thanks for the blog hop!


oh man, the bicycle days! My brother and I got in so much trouble with our bikes, being daredevils. Of course, we had to take them down the snow hill first thing.


Enjoying the blog hop. Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories.


This was such a great idea for all of you to share your Christmas memories. I've enjoyed reading them all and recalling some of my own. One of my favorite Christmas/birthday gifts was a bicycle very much like the one in the picture.


This 12 days of Christmas is fun. I have not made any of the projects, yet. But could sure use Pat the computer guru over here at my house to teach me how to put things on flicker, etc. Until later, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all....


Very much enjoying your Christmas memories; your project is next up on my sewing list and your chocolate balls recipe is sitting on the kitchen island ready to be tried out. I think I need more hours in a day to keep up with the projects and recipes! Thanks for sharing, K


I remember my Barbie house Christmas too! Thanks for sharing.


Cute memories and glad you had such a fun booth partner. Sometimes those trade shows can kill ya with boredom - but it sure doesn't sound like you had that problem!


I feel ignorant, but is the apron pattern on the link? I went to Terri's blog and found the most adorable pattern for a mug gift and know I'll be using that one! Love the stories! It brings back memories of my own childhood Christmases!


You got the Barbie which I wanted and I got the accordian which few wanted!

Busy Little Quilter

Christmas mornings were always exciting at my house, too. I remember getting my first tricycle when I was about 3. It was red and made out of metal. I still have it somewhere.


I'm sure your story will set off many trains of thought. I remember a few times giving my children gifts with only clues in them that sent them to find another package which contained a clue to find another. They still recall those fun hunts to find their true present.

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