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April 04, 2010


jill redding

Gudrun you did a great job on Pats show she is such a nice person and I enjoyed learning about you. I love the quilt as you go method. I too was surprised by how many of your patterns I have. I made the braided table runner as a gift and it went together so fast and easy!


The interview was excellent and you sounded very relaxed, not stressed at all. I enjoyed the info on your name as my husband's father was born in Denmark and in trips to visit, we had a good time tracing back through family names with the "Jen's son", "Ander's dotter", etc. Once we got the hang of it all it became easy to follow the lineage back to the 1600's. It was fascinating! My nephew noticed when I added you as a Facebook friend, because he caught the "Gislisdotter" name. He and his wife took a trip to Iceland a few years ago, as it was a place he always wanted to visit and he loved it. He said I should tell you that. :-) I look forward to seeing your new fabric line at Market. Oh, and I do remember the first time I heard my "recorded voice". It was at the Museum of Science and Industry in the early 60's when I was 12. You could talk into a phone and hear what you sounded like. I wasn't crazy about the way I sounded then.......or now! LOL!

Shirley in Canada

Your interview with Pat was amazing! When I checked out your site, I was surprised just how many of your patterns I do have in my "pattern stash"! I will now be looking for your "Fast & Furious" Book!
And that Olivia line....Gorgeous and totally fun!

Caryl W

I'm looking forward to hearing you on the radio show!! Pat asked for comments before the show and I left a comment on her blog about your patterns that I really like. The ones I have finished are in the flickr group...but I have more in various stages to finish. That free placemat pattern you did for the MN blog hop last June was written so good and sooo fun to make and that got me started on the quilt as you go!!!!

Shady Brooks

You will be wonderful!! Pat is a "ball of fun" and it will be a wonderful show - I'm sure of it!! I will be listening - love all of the tips that everyone shares every week on the show. It's a great way to get "advice" from those much more experianced in the quilting world, whom you may never have the opportunity to take a class from, or meet in person!! Relax, have fun and just be yourself - the listeners will love ya :)

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