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June 01, 2010



I just came here from Kate's blog. I love the stockings!!! and must get your book for a display we are working on with 12 Days of Christmas. The pics of your son are truly priceless. Today I have one of my son dancing with a bolt of fabric he was unloading. He will just die when he sees it on our blog. How great that we have these teens involved though. So nice to meet you

Mary Ann

Gotta love that smile as he walks the aisle in Christmas ornament earrings!

Miss Nancy

Wonderful booth you had at market and such amazing help as well. Great work, well done goes to all.

Have a great day.

Jacqui VMS

Love that kid! My youngest son would have done it with the same flair as your son did!! You can be very proud of him :-).

Jacqui in Canada


What good sports!!!!! :) And I ordered your new book from and cannot wait for it to arrive!!!!!!! It will be a happy happy day!!

Leslie Schmidt

Thanks for all the pictures of your booth. It was very sweet. And all your projects showed off extremely well. Makes me antsy to get the book! You've got a lovely family. And how wonderful to have your parents there to help out. Had they ever been to a quilt market before? I'll bet they thought yours was the best!


Your son reminds me of mine, he would do that runway thing and love every minute of it.He would also charm all the ladies, just like yous did I'm sure. :^)

Kristín Tr

Þórir og Atli verða komnir í quilt jakka áður en þú veist af :-)
Gaman að sjá hversu vel þetta gengur hjá þér Guðrún mín og magnað að ná allri fjölskyldunni í þetta með þér. Þetta hefur verið alveg geggjaður bás hjá þér og flottir litir í verkefnunum þínum.
Bestu kveðjur frá frændfólkinu hér


It is amazing what we put our families through in this business, isn't it? Your booth was adorable.

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