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September 29, 2010


Sally Baumeister

I love fall and have enjoyed the freebie designs you Galfriends have been giving these last days.


It's cold today and your soup is sounding yummy!

Patty Nordahl

The soup and bread receipes both sound wonderful

Kim P.

I made the soup yesterday and it was really good! I did make one addition though--I added about a cup of shredded cheese. Besides the projects, the recipes are one of my favorite things about this blog hop. For dessert I made Sandy Gervais' sister's apple dumpling recipe--another yummy creation.


an interesting thing... fall is especially unique because of the colors of fall...warm and cozy, but I just realized that foods that have the same colors are just like fall they look yummy even before we have them just for their colors, browns, golds, oranges, yellow-orangees, creammies!!!

will try the recipes!


Thank you so much for the pumpkin bread recipe. I will be making it. I love recipes where all the ingredients are already in my kitchen.


Thanks for the recipies. My printer is running and I'm going to try these !!

Nancy B from Many LA

You just made me hungry! LOL!

Nancy Fry

Crockpot soups and homemade quick breads? Oh yeah! Thanks for the recipes.


I love to bake at this time of year and will have to try your pumpkin bread. Thanks for the recipe!

Leslie Schmidt

Both of those recipes look so good, I'll have to try them. My husband loves soup, especially cream soups, so that is a definite keeper. And the addition of the hot sauce makes it a no-brainer! Thanks, Gudrun!


The soup looks delish! Can't wait for the weather to turn cooler so I can give it a try!


Oh,yum! Gotta make that soup. My kitchen is overflowing with zucchini and yellows.


Thanks for the recipes!!!

Louise K.

I love soup also this time of year. Thank you for the recipes, and I signed up for you Food newsletter.

Anna Dzik

Thanks for the pattern and the yummy recipes!


I can't wait to try your soup recipe! What's not to like about pumpkin bread !


Your soup looks delicious! We made a pot of soup on Monday...enough for 50 people..I thought I would freeze some..guess what we have eaten almost all of it. Well some of the kids have stopped by too and helped. Love a pot of soup a good crispy salad and warm muffins for dinner in the fall!


I was just telling a friend today that I need some good soup recipes. Thanks.

Bonnie Nyquist

Thank you for the inspiring recipes! Especially the Pumpkin Bread, we have a Pumpkin lover in the family! He wil love this, your loaves rise so nicely! Soup looks like akeeper also. Loving the Blog Hop! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com


It's that crock pot time of year again!


I'm opting for the soup. I have fresh frozen corn I've been waiting to use...

Lovie Ball

I have really enjoyed checking out all the blogs every day. And have added your Pumpkin Bread recipe to my cookbook. Thanks for having this blog hop.


MMMMMmmmmm. Your talent knows no bounds!

Bobbie Whittington

Thanks for the recipes. The soup looks wonderful. Have a great fall.



I have a big garden with a lot of pumpkins in it. I will try the bread. Thanks for the recipes

Rosanne Derrett

Soup and pumpkin bread look good but to me, the best thing about this season is the first, slow cooked beef stew with perfect fluffy dumplings.

In the UK we tend only to use pumpkin for Halloween carving which is pretty criminal. I love cooked pumpkin, both sweet and savoury. This year I think I may well be trying pumpkin bread. Thanks

Mary Grace McNamara

All of a sudden I'm very hungry!



Making soups just gives me more time to quilt.


these recipes both sound delicious. I love thick, rich soups in the winter!

Laura Hayward

After three days on the hop, I am more excited about fall than ever. Thanks for the recipes!

Karen Scheitlin

Thank you for the wonderful recipes. I can't wait to try them! Yum, yum!


Thanks. Can't wait until I harvest my pumpkins and make this pumpkin bread. I love recipes and candy corn. They will look great wrapped up in the fall-o-ween-treat-jar pattern.

Thanks Again,

Krist Van Os

Thanks for the recipes. Yummy


Sounds YUMMY!

Loris Mills

thanks for the delish soup recipe!

Our Busy Little Bunch

That soup recipe sounds delish! Thanks for sharing!


Headed to the store for ingredients...your recipes sound/look yummy!


Thanks for sharing these awesome recipes! Can't wait to make them

Sandie ~call me crazy

Oh yum! I am printing off both recipes! I love 'soup season'!! :-) Thank you!

Billie K

Now I'm hungry....grin. I'm going to try out that soup for sure....and thanks for the pattern.


Stephanie in Michigan

Thanks for the recipes. I am a foodie, but I don't cook. Have to rely on the hubby to keep me well fed! :-) I am enjoying your blog. I hadn't discovered it until this blog hop, and now I'm a loyal follower!


The soup looks amazing! And thank you so much for sharing the pumpkin bread recipe, I may try that instead of my usual, it looks delicious! :)



Mmmmm warm soup and pumpkin bread. Fall and Winter dinners are so comforting.


I can't wait to try the soup recipe, it sounds so yummy! Thanks!


Quilting AND ideal! You've given me a use for the zucchini on my counter. Love soups! and your recipe sounds wonderful.

Nancy H

Thanks for the recipes Gudrun. This is so much fun- patterns, recipes and you should be proud of all the people that follow you!


Gotta go shopping now for pumpkin


I will be making that soup within the next week or two! YUM!!!

Lee Ann L.

Thanks for the pumpkin bread recipe!

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