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March 23, 2011



What lucky girls who get to work with you!
The quilt is gorgeous!! I like cool colours!


Falleg efni og fallegir litir. Held að köldu litirnir höfði meira til mín en best held ég að sé að blanda heitum og köldum saman.

Nancy Sue

I tend to gravitate towards warm colors...and hot chocolate :)Thank you for organizing a giveaway for us :)
nsue21702 at gmail dot com


I like both the warm and cool colors. What I would use depends on the day and the project.

Cindi P

Definately warm...especially here in Minnesota where we are begging for warm :)

barb s

I love the warm colors but the cool colors are great too. Your fabric is fabulous! Barb S

Judy Werner

Warm, but loving the feel of fabric & creating with it, can it get any better?

Mary Ellen Boynton

I wear cool colors, but quilt in warms.


I am a warm person. Love the fabric.


I used to be and still am a warmer color person. But have noticed I am leaning more towards the cooler colors to bring a little more color into my projects.

Elinborg D. Lár.

brjálæðislega flott efni, fer allt eftir dagsforminu hvaða liti og eða litasamsetningu ég vel :O)


Lovely unusual fabric - Thank you for giving us the chance to win a stack of it. I'm more of a cool shades gal, although it's always good to break out of ones comfort zone, no?

Deb A

Fabric is beauiful! I am a warm color person. Most of my quilting is with darker color lines, and I tend to stay away from the really cool/light colorways. Thanks


Warm seems best tonight, but tomorrow I might go with cool. Either choice is going to result in a beautiful project...which reduces indecision (my frequent dilemma) to a non-issue.

Becky in Georgia

I love cool colors, but they look great with warm colors:)

janet Chrzanowski

I like cool colors and I love your quilt and line of fabrics.


I am more of a warm color person. Thanks for this great giveaway!! :)


I like cool tones, generally. I enjoyed your discussion of where and what not for inspirations. I learned to look at the fabric in a different way.


What beautiful colors in this line! Love the flowers too. I found this post very interesting. It's so neat how a person's heritage comes out in the fabrics/patterns. I like both warm and cool shades, but tend to gravitate towards cool more. Thanks for a chance of winning.

Barb in MI

I agree with you: depending on the day I am a 'warm' or 'cool' type person. Right now it's WARM - I hope the snow will be gone soon, but red colors help me to get over the last weeks(?) of wintry weather. Congrats to your beautiful line of fabric "Flair"!


I like warm colors. What a beautiful collections. The designs are different which I love. Thank you for a lovely giveaway

Joyce Mitchell

Beautiful fabric. I'm cold natured so I prefer the warmth and warm colors.


What a beautiful line of fabrics. I usually lean toward cool colors but will occasionally go with warm colors, depending on my project. Sure would like to win either color.

Sue H

Your new fabric line is very exciting! I consider myself a warm person. Thanks for a chance.

Ruth Knee

I think I am a warm color person, but my favorite color in the whole wide world is blue, which I think its a cool color. But in any other color palette I'm drawn to warm colors. I love Emma's Courtyard I will keep an eye open on that one. Thanks.

Julie Young

I am an electic person. I really like both cool & warm. Beautiful fabrics in both. I would be honored to have either. Thanks :)

I think I must be a warm person, I am always drawn to reds and yellows, but I love to work with blues and greens, too! I guess I run hot and cold! Thanks for the chance to work with these beautiful fabrics!
What a gorgeous place for a retreat!

Leslie in Maine

I lean more towards the warmer greens, but all your fabrics are lovely. The panel pieces would be great fun to play with.

Gloria J Wellington

What pretty fabrics and I love the flowery designs...if I had to choose, I think I like warm colours best...but the cool ones were pretty darn cool too!! Congratulations, Gloria


I absolutely love the fabric line and the quilt you made up from it. I think I am a cool person because I love black and white and icy colors. But I also like browns, etc. I just like color. lol

Virginia, The Restless Quilter

WOW!! Are those colors great!! I especialy like the blues. Would be a treat to make something special out of those colors. The new quilt design is beautiful. I would love to have those in my stash but then I would not want to cut them up!!


I think I am most partial to the cool colors but there are days I buy warm colors. I come home from the quilt shop and look at my goodies and wonder what got into me.

Nancy Augustine

Gudrun, Love the fabric. I finished my flair fiesta from the quilting retreat and I love all of the colors. I've had soooo many comments about the fabric and the pattern!!


I am a warm person---I would so love to win--beautiful fabrics---thanks for the chance to win...


Beautiful fabric. I tend to be drawn to cool color palettes, but occasionally that eye popping warm color jumps up and down to catch my attention.

Robin C

Love your new fabrics. I'm a warm person but either would be fine with me.

Robin in Virginia

Bonnie Halvorson

Love the fabric and the quilt along with the two projects. I tend to go with warm colors and the cool are nice too.

Debbie  St.Germain

Love the new fabric blocks, would make a wonderful quilt without all the piecing. I guess I am a warm person, but it does depend on my mood.


Anita Pochop

Very pretty! The table topper is my fav on your blog. warm or cool? what is purple and pink combo? that's me!! still a kid at heart.

Kathy S

I love the blues. I guess i am a 'cool' person!


I am a WARM person - WARM WARM WARM - here in Minnesota we need it right about now. And your new fabric line is FUN FUN FUN Gudrun!!


Beautiful new fabric! I must say that I am always drawn to the warm colors. Thanks for the chance to win!


Gorgeous!!! Hard to choose which one to make.

I usually love cool colors better, but those warm reds and browns are screaming at me too.

Lisa England

Your Flair fabrics are wonderful! I would LOVE to win them. I would say I'm mostly a fan of warm colors, although if you looked at the decor of my house you might think otherwise. I'm so conflicted...okay, I think I love them all!


I tend to a cool person. Love these fabrics.


While I love both - I usually gravitate towards the cool colors - the new line is beautiful~ Thanks for the give-away :)

Lisa Arndt

I am a 32 year old longarm quilter... I have been "cool" for years (: I think color wise I am a warm person!

Love both but I think I am a warm person. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sharon S

I love this line of fabric. I am leaning toward the cool colors!


What a beautiful line of fabric! I would have to choose cool fabrics as my first choice but I love the warms as well.

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