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October 17, 2011


Pálína Björg

Definitely table runners and toppers, I can't resist...and I'm definitely making the Petite Blooming Bounty Topper, it's so cute!


Making table runners is what I'm into right now>Fall and Christmas! Made us a new tree skirt last year>that's fun too!
Thanks for sharing!


Good morning.

I just love the Fantastic placemat. Will be using a lot of leftovers. I will make assorted ones as well.

Keep up the good work. We have to keep busy during those long winter days.
Have a great day.

Sharon W

Most of my projects are choosing a pattern and fabric. Then put it in a bag or tote to be completed some day.

Elinborg Dagmar Lárusdóttir

var á Löngumýri um síðustu helgi að sauma eitt box....þau eru bara snilldin ein...boxið sem ég saumaði fór a baðhilluna undir hárteygjur dætra minna....á svona Ikea hillu eins og þú sýnir á einni myndinni og ég á eftir að sauma box í hana - væri ekki verra að eiga bókina þína til að fá stærðina á þeim boxum :O)

Anna Dóra Snæbjörnsdóttir

Mjög flott bók er búin að gera kassa og ætla að gera fleiri.


well, maybe bags and totes would win the race in my case. but I am not sure :-)

anyway, I have just finished a fabric cube myself with no instructions to follow, and had some difficulty while making it, so I would be really happy to know the quick and easy way of sewing them :-)

Bonnie Nyquist

Such useful projects!! I loved peeking..everything is very versatile! I have the first Fast and furious book and love it..Bonnie Nyquist boniesline at aol dot com


Bed Quilts and Lap Quilts
Looking forward to seeing the projects in the book (the autographed one that I win LOL) this week. The cube boxes are very cute and practical. Thanks for the giveaway.

Darlene B

Would you believe I just bought several cube boxes from Target 2 weeks ago? However, I think I still have the receipt....yours are so much cuter! I have made mostly lap quilts, but am starting to work on smaller projects due to an increased work schedule. Love the instant gratification!

Bev C


The boxes look fantastic. I have made lots of things including quilts and table runners. Currently working on a hexie table runner. Thanks for the insite into your book.
Happy days.


I've made many full-sized quilts, lap quilts, and now doing more table toppers and runners, wallhangings - whatever classes and fun things you designers come up with, I enjoy trying!

I've made a small cube for my sewing room, but I would really like your large cube to store my fabrics in my sewing room!


Your boxes are very cute and so wonderfully useful. Congratulations on the new book. I usually make wall hangings. I combine them with paintings for a comfy, homey look.

Jane Eilderts

I LOVE your projects!! Anxious to see the book!!


I've done some of everything on the list, but I've probably done more lap size quilts and table topper/wallhanging size than anything. And I also have made quite a few crib quilts. I have a hard time getting around to doing the quilting on the large quilts I've made. Some day . . .
I love the boxes. They are so attractive and would be so useful. I'm anxious to see what you used to stabilize them.

Connie T

Like just about everyone I love the boxes. I have mainly concentrated on lap quilts


I was just thinking...I need a little basket or something by my chair for keeping handwork close by...I'm so making one of those from your book!!


In the beginning I made mostly lap quilts and baby quilts, but lately I have been getting into sewing clothing!


I have made more bed quilts and lap quilts--all styles...I love the box with the knitting in it---so need this....I would love this book.....


I have made more large quilts and baby blankets. Love that black and white cube with the knitting needles in it. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for the fun.

[email protected]

Becky in Georgia

Love the idea of the cube boxes. Very cute. I seem to make large projects - lap quilts and bed quilts, but I'm trying to stick with smaller projects:)


Really didn't know if I would like the boxes, but after seeing all of your ideas on what to do with them, I can't wait to get my hands on that book!

Beth Stanfield

I just bought 3 of those cube boxes and need a 4th for my sewing room re-do. Maybe I will make it myself instead,to match the curtains. They are great!
I make baby quilts-7 grands :), and bed quilts, totes, pot holders and wall hangings. I also knit, so the smaller boxes would make nice gifts for my knitting friends. I love your new book! My quilting group used one of your patterns to make a gift baby quilt. It was darling!


I love those boxes! So much better than the plasticy ones that are sold in stores.

I'm a big fan of pillows, because they are much smaller, and thus much quicker!

Kathy S

I have mostly made table toppers and runners though I have alot of quilts on my bucket list!


Your new book looks fantastic!
The cubes are absolutely adorable and i can totally see me making these for my 6 childrens rooms. You are a very talented woman and i cant wait to read your blog and your FB page. Am a newbie in the quilting world.


Cute boxes! I'm a newbie quilter, and have made a few baby quilts, and am working on a larger one now.

Darci Wright

Your new book looks fantastic! Can't wait to see more of it in Houston! Our booth is right next to yours,

shirley j. b.

I have made mostly bed and lap quilts, although I have also completed table runners and purses and have even made a jacket or two! I LOVE your fabric boxes and thank you for the opportunity to win your new book!


The boxes are so cute! I make lots of twin quilts or crib/lap quilts. Wall hangings and pillowcases! thanks!


da quando ho imparato a fare patchwork,ho fatto coperte per me per mia figlia.centritavola ,pannelli da parete borse, tuo nuovo libro deve essere molto intressante.ho già acquistato i tuoi primi libri .un saluto dall'italia lory

Mary Jo

That's easy, baby quilts for sure, I have 10 grandchildren and made all of them a quilt plus my 6 children at least one, also. Thanks for the give away.

Christine M

Since I've been quilting the thing I have most of small wall hangings. Each one suited to the recipient. I love your boxes!

Joan Rodiguez

I am blessed with 7 grand-children and have welcome arms for many more; so it's a given that I've made mostly baby quilts. :) I also love your boxes. Thanks for the peak at your new book, I'm impressed! ;)


Those cubes are wonderful! I need this book just for that pattern alone. During my quilting career I have made mostly lap size quilt and lots of wall hangings.

Mary Hickey

I have made all your table runners and bags out of your other 3 books. I can't wait for your new book. The pumpkin and the egg table runners were a hit this year. On my list for Xmas are the tree runners. Thank you.


I've made more small projects(wallhangings and tabletoppers) than quilts. I love your storage boxes.

Jo Anne

Definitely quilts, from baby to king-size.
Oh, these projects are very enticing. I want some of those boxes.

Ella Dögg

Congratulation with your new book, what I have seen from it on the internet looks great.
I haven't been quilting for few years but I used to do a lot of christmas wallhangings and hopefully I will start agains soon.
... Bestu kveðjur til ykkar Þóris, það var frábært að hitta hann í Minneapolisferðinni í síðustu viku.


I would like to make the cubes in your book. Great idea. Right now I have been making bags & lap quilts.


I've made mainly bed quilts, but lately I've been on a bag spree.
Love your boxes!

Bonnie H

I'm looking for something to organize my fabric and the boxes would be perfect. Right now I'm into making bags but wallhangings and lap quilts are a close second. Can't wait to see more projects.


I have been quilting for a year. Lap and baby quilts, table runners and since September I have been working on Christmas Stockings and gifts for the holidays. Olivia's Puzzle Quilt(fabric for 2)has been sitting in my project bin for some time now - I wanted to get a little more experience under my belt before creating this beautiful quilt for 2 very special young ladies in my life. Coordinating boxes and containers for thier room will be a great addition - I look forward to your new project book.

Vickie Streich

I am totally hooked on making table runners! I love having the "I'm finished" moment more often than when I make a bed-sized quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the other projects in this new book ~ I'm also seeing the need to make the cubes!

Pat V.

These boxes are adorable! Can't wait to see more projects from this book.

Ruth Gess

I have probably made the most of the lap quilt/bed quilt catagory, but I have made items in all of the categories. I really like the fabric box idea and think it would also be great with oil cloth or you can laminate your favorite fabric! Thanks for the ideas!


This looks like it will be another great book. Love what you have shared with us so far. The boxes would come in so handy both here and in my granddaughter's room. So many uses for those. Can't wait to see the other pojects in the book.

Stacy L.

I love the boxes!! I make a mish-mash of all things....bed quilts, wall hangings, table toppers, runners, pin cushions, mug rugs, etc. But no clothing.....that's above my ability.

Ada Shave

just comping of a weekend retreat, made a bag, and would love to make the boxes. My great niece uses these boxes all the time.

Marie O

I've made a pretty good mix of all of the above.

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