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October 18, 2011


Donna S.

Looove the placemats for a round table!!

Lynn Euerle

Love the placemats!

Pálína Björg

I have to say B. I have to find the courage to pick them out myself though, because I really would like to :)


Your mats are so pretty, I love them. I'm an E D and sometimes C. I love all kinds of fabric.

shirley j. b.

I'm a "E" fabric shopper, although at times I will buy kits. My favorite colors are purple, blue and red so I tend to make quilts of those colors. Love your placements; I would love to win your new book! (And I sure enjoyed seeing you at Bay Window in Perham Schoolhouse and Fergus Evening Quilter's guild last year; your enthusiasm is contagious!!)

Donna Joy

I have an round table that is about 112 years old, those place mats are just what I need. I love to get new fabric but the time has come to use what I have. Thanks for the giveaway.

Jessica Hickey,

I have to say that I an "E". I love to shop at all the local quilt shops, and my stash well not quite a stash, I guess you could say a small quilt store on its own. I love material what can I say. I love the fabric boxes, I love the fact that they are quilt as you go, and I have so many ideas on how I can use them. I have a 3 year old boy that Loves baskets and boxes now with this idea I can have his toy area cleaned up in a jiffy with boxes that show him what need to be in it, like car, trucks, trains, and letters. Great ideas. I love your stuff!!!


I'm a Big E. My daughter saw the boxes from the other day and said her son would love a truck box and a train box for Xmas. I love the place mats, too. Thank you again.


Love the placemats for round tables.

I'm a B person, in fact just finished a quilt top that was from your collection.


I also like your placemats because I have a glass round table.


I like to have the fabrics all picked out so my answer is B in fact I just finished a quilt top that was one of your kits. Turned out great!

Darlis Johns

I'm an "A" person, but like using from my stash too.

Like your table runners.

Thanks for the chance to win.


I'm mainly an A, though now that I've been quilting for several years, I have to start doing more D--or build an addition to my house!

Love the table runner - very fresh and fun. Thanks for sharing your talents!


E...I like to buy fabric...end of story!

Bev C


I would say this year it has been a case of using up my stash. It is wonderful that I have my own shop right in my own sewing room.
Happy days.

Cheryl Lommel

Love the placemats. Beautiful bright colors to brighen up any table


I'll go with picking from my stash. I love the fan shaped mats. Good idea.

Becky in Georgia

Choice E of course:) Thanks for the fun! I love the fan shaped placements. Great job!


I love to pick my own fabrics. There are so many beautiful ones out there. Love the table runner made with the left over fabric.


I'm definitely an A! Love the place mats.


I love the place mats!

I'm probably more of an E, but I prefer to find kits if I can.

Thank you!


I'm going with E!

Pat V.

D. I generally try to use fabric I've already bought, rather than get more!


I can be A, B, or C...depending on what catches my eye! Stash shopping...hmmm...I never seem to have just the right one :-) Cute fan placemats!


I am type of A and D, are wery weak for fat quarters, have full box of them.

I am fallen for this new book, and it will be on the top of my wish list. I am sure that I will make some of the boxes from it, and the table mats at first.


I am for the most part a D person! love that playtime runner! thanks for the giveaway!


I would say D&E. I love the kits for small projects like the boxes or placemats, but I also like going through my stash for just the right piece. It is always fun to look through all the pretty colors. I too really like the round placemats. I will have to find a friend with a round table to make those for


E - I may not buy kits very often yet am a pushover for those color coordinated multi-collection bundles now appearing in many internet shops. The fusible flower just makes those placemats - like.


I LOVE buying the kits that are available. The problem with that, though, as I've come to realize over the years, is that it is like buying a finished kit. It comes into my sewing room and takes up residence in a pile never to be made up. Why go through all that work? I know exactly what it's going to look like if I ever do make it! So, in reality, I am much better off picking out all of my own fabrics and running with an experiment of sorts!

Nancy Augustine

I am a split personality--I pick my own, buy kits, use stash, precuts--it just depends on what catches my eye.


I'm a A & D. I usually think I really am going to use my stash, but then have to buy something to go with it....and when I get the the fabric store I sometimes go in another direction all together, buy extra and feed my stash again. I really like your round table placemats. I have to make those.

Christine M

I'd say I'm mainly A and D!


I definitely look to my stash first but I almost always have to go shopping to supplement anything I find there. I love kits for applique projects because I can take longer choosing the fabric than actually making the block. I love bundles of precuts too so I guess the short answer is E.


I'm a "A" person mostly, although I do use precuts also. I love the placemats and runners!



Darlene B

I would say A and D apply most to me. I figure I paid for everything in my stash, so I'd better use it! As much as I like the look of precuts and kits, sometimes they are a little too "matchy" for me. I really love the tablerunner and the placemats. I think I need this book so I can make some of these for Christmas gifts!

Kim B

Definitely A. I love putting together interesting color combos and hearing people say, "I never would have thought of those, but they work so well!"

I love the placemats and runners! Very fun!


"D" because I have some fabulous fabrics that I've bought without a specific project in mind. They are sitting in the 'cellar' and not yet ready for prime time until I see a pattern that suits the fabric perfectly. I'm glad to see the round table placemats. Love them.


All of the above at one time or another. Like the placemats for a round table, but I don't have one either.


Silver Thimble Quilt Shoppe

I like to pick my own fabrics - sometimes it takes me too long though. I love the circly placemats and the fabric you used in your samples. I'll have to make some of the placemats for the shop. Nan

Deb Sheffield

Pre-cuts are my new favorite, but I guess "E" would cover me best!!! Love the placemats...cannot wait to receive the new book! (it's on pre-order, but if I win I would make a good friend VERY happy!)


I am a B, but also a little of the rest. Love the placemats.

Karen W

I love to work with precuts. It is easier to stay with a color scheme. Love the round table runners.


I am an E person. Oh, I love the placemats and runners. Sooo cute! Thank you for the opportunity.

Julia P

Love the new peeks, especially the table mats for round tables. I'd have to say that I'm an "E" person, since I love buying any type of fabric!

Patricia Dawe

I do have a stash,and when starting a new project, I could spend the whole day selecting the colour combinations I want.Invariably, there'll be at least one shade I don't have, so it's off to buy more fabric. The greatest satisfaction comes from finding that last colour.So,I think I'm mostly an "A", with a tiny bit of the others thrown in the mix.
Love your designs !!


I used to have a round table & stuggled with placemats-those would have been great!
I'm probably closest to E, but I have never bought a kit & probably never will


Definitely A

Quilty Jen

I love pre-cuts! You get the scrappy look without breaking the bank! Best of all, all those non-quilters who don't know about pre-cuts think you are a fabric matching magician!

Love your projects. I thought the boxes were beautiful, and then you show the placemats. very impressed :)


Because I am just learning to pick fabrics and be happy with how things go together, I buy kits. I am starting to buy fabric I like and work on using it on projects I want to try.

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