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October 18, 2011


Jo Anne

If I had to pick one, it would be option D, picking fabrics from my stash. However, depending on the circumstances, I have done all of the above.

Caryl W

I am definitely an "E"....all of them!!
I really like the fresh blooms placemats!!


At any given time I could be one of the choices, but mostly am a 'A',


I love the placemats for the round table! I think I'm an A person with some D thrown in.

Sharon S

Finally some great placemats for my old round table! "E" all the way1


Love the placemates for the round table. They are so cute. And OK I will come clean too - I have 3 quilt tops in my sewing room that need backings quilted on. I like to purchase kits if I like the fabrics they use but have selected my own fabrics occasionally.


D - because that means it doesn't cost you anything, right! (Whose counting those "stash" purchases, anyway?)

Patty V

Love the fan placemats, how cute!
I'd have to say I'm an E. I like to mix it up!

Elinborg Dagmar Lárusdóttir

I love The Playtime Runner and I would say E...I am a split personality :O)

Amy Roth

A and D. I love it when you buy something new and it works PERFECTLY with something you already have. I love your designs, Gudrun, and those round placemats are great. Wish I'd thought of something like -- just gave a round tabletopper as a gift to a friend with a round table. These would have been perfect!


I love the Ruby runner and the curved placemats!
I'd choose A, C and D!!!


I am an "E" person. I like to do a little of each. I just love the place mats for the round table. I like things that are unique.

Karin E

Love to put my own touch on my quilts. Stopping at the Quilt store usually involves purchasing fabric because that little voice says take me home. Well... then you can't just leave it there. Love your placemats. Thanks.
Karin E:)

Ruth B

All of the above! Beautiful projects Gudrun! I'm in love with the placemats for a round table. The splash of red on the binding is perfect!

Amy V

I am an E. Depends on the project and my mood.


Love the placemats and table runners.

I have to say that I am an 'E' person. I have been known to do all of the above.

Hope to win a copy of that book. It looks like it has some great projects in it.

Lori M

Lately I've been working with my stash and trying not to buy more than I need. It's been difficult as I LOVE to buy fabrics. I like to pick fabric and colors for the person who would be receiving the gift. Something that fits their personality or home decor. I love the placemats & runners pictured above. I have a round table and so do quite a few family members so I know which placemats I want to make.

Betty L

I'm definitely a "c" person. Since I am not able to stand for long periods of time, the pre-cuts have allowed me to keep quilting. Plus, I just love the look of them!

Moneik Stephens

I'm an A person. I love to pick out fabrics and see how it turns out in the end.

Paulette Doyle

All of the above!! I love your placemats!! Very cute!


I am an 'E' person. Just can't resist bringing new fabric home with me. The placemats for a round table are just awesome.

Pat ( Texas Quilter)

I am a scrap quilter so picking fabrics from my stash without spending a penny gives me the most satisfaction! I just love those round table placemats. I just have to make those real soon.


I like all of the choices. Depends what kind of mood I am in and how fat I need to crank out the project... Love the placemats for a round table!

Mama Dub

I am definitely an all of the above quilter!
The placemats are wonderful. I can't wait to get the book and start making every project!

Maria Letters

I'm a very much in the "all of the above" category. I love to buy fabric - I'm very welcoming of it in all shapes and sizes!

Linda Robinson

I'm a E person but trying to be more of a D.
Love the place mats for the round table.

Lori Stephens

I like to buy something that just jumps out at me in the fabric store. Then I look at it and touch it at home for about 6 months and try to decide what pattern it would look good in. Finally I decide it is too pretty to cut and I go back to the store and buy the whole line of something else. If I don't buy the whole line and I pick out one fabric I really like, I have to have someone help me with the other fabric to go with it. I am bad at color blending.

Leslie J.

Lately I have been mainly a "D", I like to be an "A", I guess that makes me an "E"??? Love those round table place mats. Just the answer for some Christmas gifts. Thanks Gudrun!


I'd say I'm mostly a D!! I'm always buying bits and pieces of material whereever I go just so I can have fun picking out fabric to match that particular project. I never use the same colours as the original pattern.
I absolutely love the little table runner with the matching placemats and would love to have the pattern so I can get busy with Christmas gifts for all the family!! Keep up the good work Gudrun!!


I am mostly a D person. Love your fresh tablemats and the tablerunner! So cute! Stunning the one with black background.


I am definitely a split personality fabric buyer. Depending on the project, sometimes I see a sample in the shop that I really love and I'll buy the kit. Other times I like to buy my own fabric or use my stash. Love your Fast and Furious books and can't wait for this one.

Grace Keir

I love to make small projects, thus the Charm Packs are my favorite purchase because it allows me to get a little of all the fabrics in one line.
I have a round table so I am always looking for place mats or table toppers that fit a round table.........your pattern idea is perfect.


Good morning:

D. is my answer. Being of a certain age I am now limiting how big my stash will be. I am looking forward to make the Fantastic placemats. What a great idea. I will be able to use a lot of scraps and fill Christmas stockings without spending toooo much.


I love your designs, especially the Playtime Runner. I also like that the box pattern comes with different sizes. I am an 'E' split personality. I love fabric of any kind and will pick up a kit when available.

Vickie Streich

I love variety pre-cuts have to offer but lately, my stash seems to be going down in size, too. Any reason to purchase fabric is o.k. in my book!

The placemats for the round table are fantastic! My parents passed away shortly after we were married 23+ years ago and we have their table. As with many kitchen tables, it is being used for a lot of things other than eating. These placemats might just be the reason to keep ours clean!

Kat Scribner

My answer is E! I am especially interested in these placemats for the round tables. I have 2 round tables and my mother has been asking for them for her round table FOREVER! I am a fan of scraps and charm squares, the runner with the jumbo ric rac is sweet! Kat in Indiana

Erin Earl

I am definitely an E! I love your placemats with the cheery flower! The placemats would also look cute in Christmas fabric with a little ornament or tree appliqued on it! Wait, here's another idea: How about winter fabric with a cute snowman or mittens appliqued on it! I definitely am going to need that pattern and thank you once again for an awesome book!

Renae J

Have a good stash but can never not buy some new stuff once in a while. Love all the new designs and look forward to making some for gifts. Keep them coming and thanks.


I really have quite a stash to use and found it useful for fall and Halloween table runners. I do like to buy kits after seeing samples made with them.


I love the round placemats and the Hometown fabric you selected - very clever design! I am mostly an E personalty - all depends on the project at hand. Can't wait to get my hands on this new book!

I would say I´m an A and D, well I´m getting to be more of an D person because I have so many pretty fabrics that I just buy but i don´t know what to make I just have to buy them ;) so it is very satisfying to make something out of them ;)
I just love you new placements for round table and I say like you I just have to go out and buy round table so I can make them ;)


At this point in time I am a split personality....but I really need to shop my own stash! I have a little of everything and like to find a color combination that works in my environment. For gifts though I tend to have to shop for the recipient's color scheme.

Rosanne Derrett

Gorgeous projects as ever and your finishing is superb. I'm adding another top to the growing pile today - part of a bloggers quiltalong.

As for the type of fabric person I am - I'm an E. It depends on my mood and the needs of the project.


LOL, I just added another quilt top to the pile ;)

I LOVE those round table runners. What a great idea! The other runners and mats are cute too.

I'm an 'A' person, love to buy my own fabric, in yardages.

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