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October 19, 2011



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I would be hard pressed to choose just one place to visit. I have seen very little of the world let alone the country. I hope to one day go to Germany and Norway, my original homelands from my great, great grandparents.


I've not worked with laminates, partly because I haven't seen them in stores around here. But that tote is certainly something I would love to make and use. Maybe I will find some laminate online.

Julie Young

WTG! Awesome styles! I'm excited! :) Iowa.

Kristín Tr

Aldrei hefur manni dottið í hug að nota sturtuhengi innan í svona box eða töskur, en þetta er snilld og ég verð að prófa þetta. Þetta er geggjað hjá þér Guðrún mín eins og allt sem þú gerir. Gangi þér vel!!


Not worked with laminates before. The tote bag is an absolute gem.

Kim B

I have been very curious about these fabrics, but haven't seen a project that motivated me to try using them. This bag is wonderful! What a fun way to use those fabrics!


I have not worked with oilcloth or laminated fabrics before. I have seen them in shops before, but wasn't sure what to do with them. Love the bag. I love making bags and then filling them up with half finished projects.

Gale Lavers

I will have to try and find some laminate to make the great bag. It looks like this book will be in lots of sewing rooms soon!!! Love the cute little models.

shirley j. b.

I have never worked with either laminate fabric or oilcloth but when I think of oilcloth I think of the tablecloths my grandma used to use on her everyday kitchen table. Thank you for the opportunity to win your new book; I really like the bed runner and pillow and the bag is wonderful!

Bec Clarke

I would so love to make a couple of those bags for the kids rooms, for them to dump their toys in and carry them out into the family room and back again. I have some laminate fabric here at home but have not been brave enough to use it yet. I could see myself making some more of those bags with the lamiate bottom for taking outside too.


Heat N Bond now carries a vinyl iron on that makes it easy to convert any fabric into laminate fabric. Simply fabulous!

Bev C


I haven't worked with these before. Just love that tote bag, it looks so handy.
Hope I get to win today.
Happy days.


I haven't worked with oilcloth or laminated fabrics, but I'm anxious to try. I saw a great raincoat made from a laminated fabric, lined in quilting cotton - lovely!

Linda Robinson

I haven't worked with either fabric but there is always a first time!

Pat V.

I haven't, yet. I want to make an insulated lunch bag with laminate.

I just love KnickKnack!


Thanks for another nice day of giveaways. We have not worked with laminates, yet I would like to make a changing blanket with a laminate and my mother wants to have an oilcloth tablecloth.


No, I haven't tried either yet.But it sounds like a nice idea for bag bottoms.

Elinborg Dagmar Lárusdóttir

I have not worked with laminates but would like to give it a the tote it would be a greate under my daughters dolls or/and toys

Leslie Legros

Hi! I haven't used either fabric, but there are some interesting choices out there! I'd love to try some time.
I love these projects you are showing from your book!
Thanks for the giveaway!
Take care, Leslie


I've not sewn with laminates before, but the tote would be great for the beach, picnics, etc!

Philomena Gaslard

The bags and pillowcovers are lovely, can't wait to make them.

Philomena Gaslard

I have not worked with laminates but will be looking for it now. Oilcloths were tablecoverings when I was a kid.

Mary Ellen H.

Have not worked with laminated fabric in years, but your idea is wonderful. So many times your tote is fine until you look at the bottom. Perfect timing for bed runners as they are the 'in' item this fall.


I am currently carrying a laminate bag for my purse. I love working with laminate. I want to make the tote - love it.


No, I have never worked with laminates but have seen some wonderful prints in stores.
Would love to try them, a bag in the car for wet ski items would be great.


No I haven't but it would be great to have an excuss to give it a try. :o}

Darlis Johns

Have not worked with laminates. But sure do love that tote! Would be nice to keep one in the car when travelling with a blanket and pillows.


It looks like my comment have left "the building". I have never worked with laminates but it looks as it would be exciting to.

I like your bag wery much, and I will surely make more than one bag. I see it useful for my knitting projects, my quilt projects and for allt things for the family when we go on holiday.


I have purchased some laminate fabric to make a lunch bag. It is my next project to make. This bag could be my favorite too! Hope I win a copy of your book.

Moneik Stephens

I've made a couple bags with the laminated oil cloth. I love how it turns out. I've also made baby aprons/bibs and it's great for them. I could see using the big bag for all my daughters toys.


I have not heard of this laminates before, so it will be worth it to look arond in next quiltshopping tour. I am sure that I will make this bag, and more than one, It will be handy for cottage trip and for my quilts, and my knitting projects too. Congrats with this amazing book.

Sandie~ call me crazy

Ni I haven't worked with any laminates but would love to~ I love that tote! I would use it for all sorts of things~ going to retreat, the post office, etc. Thanks for the fun!

Deb A

I've seen the laminates in the stores, but have not used it. The bag is wonderful, but I really like the bed runner - think I need to make one of those!

Jo Anne

A few years ago, I made some aprons for my granddaughters out of oilcloth. I haven't yet used any of the new laminate fabrics.


I have never worked with laminates before, but I'd love to make the bag. What a great selection of projects you have! If I don't win this book, it's going on my wish list. Looking forward to see what's coming tomorrow. Thank you!


I just did work with laminated fabric & made a small zipper clutch. It went fine though I did have some trouble topstiching. I tried tape on the bottom of my presser foot, but that really didn't help. I have some more to try, and read you can cover it with tissue paper, so I'll try that next.
Love your tote!

Quilty Jen

I've never worked with laminates, but I have to have this bag! Picnics, beach, baby stuff, groceries, it's the perfect bag for everything. Plus, I can make it in all my favorite colors?! I'm sold! Love the runner and the pillow too. You could make one for every season and switch them out. Cute!

Kalynn Fail

I have lined tote bags with lamanate. Now that they are making lamanate out of the cute fabric the possibilities are limitless.

Caryl W

I have not used laminated fabric....good idea to use for totes!!

Leslie J.

I have used oilcloth for market bags! While I like it, I think that laminated might be a little easier to work with. First the cubes, then the rounded placemats, now...the best tote ever? Help! I need to get this book!!

p.s. I LOVE that Circa 1934 line!


i have used oil cloth before and would love to use some laminated cotten for that tote! love the design! thanks!


I've never used any laminate but love the look in your bags. I have lots of fabric scraps and would love to use them for something useful.

Gundel Basart

Have used oil cloth with limited success and loads of frustration. This bag is the absolute MUST have for retreats, workshops, and shop hops. The laminate will make it last to tote a zillion pounds of fabric.


I have not worked with the laminated fabrics but I have seen some pretty cute things made with the fabric at my local quilt store. I love love love the tote. I could find so many uses for it. I just have to have that book.

Cheryl McWilliams

This new laminate is not like the old oilcloth that's for sure! I recently purchased a yd with no idea in mind what to do with it--but this tote is perfect solution! Thanks!


I've not used any laminates, but that gorgeous bag is tempting me to try! It's such a useful size that I can see lots of uses for it - including travelling with quilting material! The photos are gorgeous, as are kids!


I haven't used laminates yet, but the bottom of a bag is a good use for them. This bag is BIG. I didn't realize how big until I saw it pictured with the kids. This is just what we need to haul Christmas presents for our trip to see the grandkids.


I am super excited to have won the book, especially after seeing your projects! I think that tote will be the first item on my list to make - thanks so much! I've never worked with laminate before and am excited to give it a try.

Julia P

Now that is one fabric I haven't used in any projects. Great looking tote and it looks very well conceived and thought out. Love the handles on the side!

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