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October 19, 2011


Lori M

That's a large bag. It looks like it could be a great toy bag to keep at Grandma's house too. Or how about a fabric/quilt keeper for the ladies that take projects to guilds/friends/shops to work on.


Nancy Augustine

I have never worked with laminates before, but am looking forward to using it to make the totes. There are a lot of pretty laminated fabrics and these totes would look great with them, plus they will be great Christmas presents for daughters and sisters!!


I have not worked with them but was recently on a Quilt Shop Hop and run across some. I looked at it for a long time but couldn't decide then what I would make with it so I didn't purchase any. I may just have to go back and get me some.

Lori Stephens

I just bought a kit for a reusable grocery bag using the oilcloth. Oilcloth comes in adorable bright colors. I will have to see if S&R Harris has some.

Colette Rowberry

Good morning:

We are a group of retirees who meet in a different city every year. The ones who can make gifts are the MOST polular. You can be sure the Footwarmer and pillow plus some totes will be on display for next June.
Can't wait to get my hands on the new book.


I've not worked with either laminated fabrics or oil cloth, but I've used iron-on vinyl to "laminate" my own fabrics before. I used it to make a pencil case, and have also used it to line beach bags. I'd definitely like to try out laminates and oil cloth eventually!

Karin E

The tote would be wonderful for a quick little diaper bag. Using the laminated for the bottom (clever). Thanks. Karin E:)


I have worked with laminates this year. Made bibs for my granddaughter. Easy to wipe down and ready for next meal. I love the tote. Would come in handy for a lot of things.

Mary Hickey

No, I've not worked with laminates, yet. I love this new book. But I have a problem I like your old books too. I have a project from your holiday book that I have to cut out today. I love to sew quilt as you go projects. Thank you again.


The bag looks great, One of these days I will find the laminate material and this would be the perfect pattern

Jackie E

I would like to try laminated with this neat carry-all you have designed. I am also going to pre-order your new book. Thank you for your blog and give-aways.

Patricia Dawe

In my family home, oilcloth was the covering for our kitchen table.Never thought that it might, so many years later, be a sought after fabric for a sewing project. So,no,I haven't used oilcloth or laminated fabrics,but I'll start looking. Could be interesting!!!
Your new book is a "must have"

Kat Scribner

I've never worked with laminated fabrics. I guess you would find them in the ulpholstery dept? The tote bag looks so handy. I find myself needing totes in alot of different sizes. I wonder what is the purpose for the extra loops on the ends?

Vickie Streich

I haven't used laminates before. This tote looks like the perfect bag for a graduation or wedding gift. You can fill it with miscellaneous things and the whole thing becomes the present!


Laminated fabric isn't readily available in this area but I will hunt some down on the internet. Those bags would be wonderful for hauling stuff to quilting retreats or guild meetings.

Erin Earl

I have seen the laminates at the quilt shop and love all the pretty fabrics they come in! I haven't used them yet as I was waiting for the right project and I think I found it! Love the tote and could use it for many many things! It is a great size also!

Jessica Hickey

This is a book for me, box, bags, place mats...I am in Heaven.

Like everytime I step into my sewing room.

What great ideas.


no, unfortunately, I did not worked with laminated fabric or oilcloth yet, in fact, I am not sure that they are available in Hungary :-( I saw something similar in IKEA, but the dots on it were far too big for sewing small things of it. I love your tote, it is gorgeous!


When my boys were young I made them craft aprons with laminate fabric. The apron was the classic bib style but I added a large pocket about 4" deep across the bottom of the apron and then divided it into sections so they could store their crayons, blunt end scissors, etc. All you had to do at the end of a session, was wipe off the apron, fold it up and put it away until the next time.


I haven't seen laminates but can't wait to make those bags! They are great! They look like the bags so useful from Thirty One.

Mama Dub

I have not worked with laminates before but it looks ideal for this bag. This looks like a great bag and I'm sure I can find many uses for it. The bed runner and pillow are wonderful. I think I need to make these!


More great projects! I, too, love tote bags. I haven't worked with laminates yet, but do have some ideas in mind, for when I can get my hands on some.


Now you are talking my language - been looking for a large tote to take show and tells to guild or bee - this one fits the bill perfectly - the vinyl would be a definite plus. I have made a bed runner, but this one is so different and wonderful. Wow - this book speaks to me loudly. Judy C

Darlene B

What a great tote! I have never used laminates before - I'm not sure if I've seen them in my LQS either... I would be able to use this for my monthly quilt nights to take all my projects/supplies for the night. I could make one to set by the couch with my handwork in it - it might help keep all my "stuff" organized!

Lynn Euerle

This tote is so cute. It would great for my granddaughters toys.


I used laminates years ago when my boys were babies! I really need to make your tote for my car. I am now one to the next generation and his "stuff" has taken over my back seat and my trunk! Or........get a minivan again! NOOOOO!


I've never worked with laminates...yet, but I'd love to make this tote out of leftover fabric from my son's bedding that I made. Cute little sock monkeys on a tote would be fantastic to stash all his toys in!

Pálína Björg

I have never used laminates but I must make this tote to replace that ugly blue IKEA bag that I use so much!


I didn't see pop up my comment so I try again...
I see projects on blogs with laminates but never used it myself.Your bag looks like a great project to try it out!


I've not worked with laminates - yet!

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