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October 20, 2011



I would travel to Poland to tour the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Rock salt tansformed into a subterranean cathedral, chandeliers, sculptures and there is even an underground lake. It took over sixty years to create...and to think ...I become inpatient if a weekend quilt takes me a week!

Pálína Björg

I would like to go to Italy or France with my family, stay by a beautiful lake and take mountain hikes and little tours around the countryside.
I'm going to ask like Siggalí you know when the book will be available in Iceland? :)

Pat V.

My dream trip would be a cruise to Antarctica. My husband does not share my enthusiasm for this destination, but I think it would be the trip of a lifetime! Someplace that not many folks get to see.

Ruth B

My dream trip would be to Australia. The pictures I have seen are so beautiful and I know there are wonderful quilt shops there. Love your new designs and the little cuties modeling!

Lee Ann Kittleson

I'd like to go to Norway, and explore my family's Scandinavian heritage. Maybe a stop in Iceland along the way! I've been intrigued by your homeland ever since reading a book, called Nights of the Pufflings, to my third grade students.

Bev C


Such a beautiful childrens quilt. I am dreaming about a trip to Tasmania.
Happy days.


I would like a quilting cruise to Alaska. Quilts and icebergs just seem to go together.

Philomena Gaslard

I would love to go on a quilting cruise, I would enjoy it dearly and the destination wouldn't matter. The kids with the quilts and bags are absolutely beautiful.


I've actually briefly had a layover for a few hours in Iceland back in 2007! I would love to spend a vacation in New Zealand though! My uncle went there once and the pictures and his stories made it sound like such a gorgeous place!


Canada--Lake Louise. Went there several years ago and would love to return someday. Beautiful place.
Your little models are all so cute. Love the quilts too.


Your models were excellent. They all seamed to fit the part. Very good choices. If I had a choice to visit New Zealand or Austraila I would be a very happy quilter. Have had them on my to do list. Excited for the new book to arrive. Thanks for all you do.

Jessica Hickey,

I would go anywhere as long as I got to bring my family!

It is amazing how fast they grow!

Patricia Dawe

I'm loving every single project in this book. Congratulations again, and thank you for the wonderful ideas.The children are beautiful. A winning combination !!!
Hard to decide where I'd go. Spain and Portugal sound good,with Iceland on the top of the list,as well--- a northern and southern vacation.

Ada Shave

Iceland would be fine, I have been to parts of the US, some of the island in the south, Mexico. Time to go over the big sea. Ireland, Scotland and Europe.

Sigurlína Magnúsdóttir

I'd LOVE to go to Barcelona for a romantic holiday with my hubby! :) What I'd love even more is getting a copy of your book! :D

Mig langar ROSAlega í bókina, hvenær kemur hún til Íslands?

kv. Siggalína

Cynda Quigley

I have always wanted to go to Paris and have yet to make the trip. It seems so romantic, I love the language, and I would be so happy to have several days to enjoy the art and food.

Julia P

It's always been my dream to see the Sistine Chapel. When I saw the movie "The Agony and the Ecstasy" I knew that some day I had to see that chapel. Another dream is to see Denmark, since that is where my mother's family comes from. Love the sneak peeks and the kids are adorable!


Australia - if can visit sew many of the wonderful quilters that create there....

Leslie Legros

I would go to Greece islands and visit those white stucco houses with the blue roofs! Sit in the sunshine, stitch, enjoy the water!
Next dream is to go to the islands of Hawaii, all the lucious green folage, blue water, sand beaches and waves!
Love all the postings about the new book!
Congratulations on the book and those LOVELY children!
Take care, Leslie

Elinborg Dagmar Lárusdóttir

these kids steal attention from your quilts which are super fun and easy...just love your dream on blanket.

home sweet home, just love to travel around our contry -Iceland- although it´s always exciting to go abroad and experience new things.


Such cute kiddos! They bring a lot of life to the photos! I would love to visit Iceland one day. I've seen pictures of Iceland that I just thought was so beautiful. I used to live in Alaska and have been to the Arctic Circle, so that doesn't bother me! I love Arctic wildflowers. Besides that, I would love to visit Australia too. And South America. Just visit though, not live. I'm definitley a snow and mountains kinda girl!


I would definitely go to Australia. It's been a dream of mine to go since I was a kid.

I love the projects in your new book. I'm excited to see it!

Mama Dub

I have always dreamed of visiting Australia. I don't know if I will ever make it there, but it is fun to dream! This book is looks great - full of fun projects. I plan to make all of them!

Betty Ayers

Beautiful pictures, beautiful children and outstanding quilts! Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to go to Switzerland and know, without a doubt, it's the "Heidi" movie influence. Someday!

Marie O

I would want to go to Romania. My husband was born there, but hasn't been back since he was 8.




I would go to Sweden. I have two grandchildren there and haven't seen them in a long tim.e

Sharon S

I'd like to think someday I will go to Italy. The history, statues, & the islands in the clear blue water! Loving all your posts this week.

Caryl W

I would really like to travel more in the USA and see the northwest and the northeast parts of the country!!

Jo Anne

Actually, I would like to travel the USA.

Mary Jordan

my dream trip is to visit all the art of Michaelangelo. That would take me to Paris, Rome and Florence. I have seen some of the religious works in the Houston Art Museum and they took my breath away. I love all art but I love his works. Maybe because it was my first exposure as a child???

Darlis Johns

I would like to go to Hawaii.
Like the darker version of the dream, believe quilt. All the projects are great.
Thanks for the chance to win.


My dream trip would be to travel Europe. I've never been overseas, and I would love to be able to experience the rich history and various cultures that span across Europe. Of course, I'd stop at whatever fabric stores I'd find along the way :)


At the top of my travel dream list right now is Scotland with Australia a close second. I have always wanted to sail the Greek Isles too.

Sandie~ call me crazy

Very cute models~ love the quilts too! ;-) I'd love to go to Australia. I have a friend there I would like to visit. Thanks for the fun!

Moneik Stephens

The models are so super cute! I'd love to visit France. Something in me just loves Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Karen W

I would love to visit Switzerland in the summer. The towns look so lovely with all the boxes of flowers on the windows. The mountains look spectacular!


I love your bright and colourful quilts. If I could travel somewhere, I would choose Ireland. It is so beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity.


I have never been out of the country but my first thought when reading your post was Australia. Quit afew of the blogs I read about quilting and stitching are from Austriala so I suppose that is why it popped in to my head.


I've always wanted to visit England. Thanks for the chance on your book!!!


I would LOVE to walk through some Egyptian pyramids or the temples in Indonesia.


My hubby's dream trip actually would be Iceland! I want to see so many places it's hard to pick just one but I will say Greece today :-) but it's likely to change tomorrow.


Very sweet photos! I would love to visit Ireland. Just want to see the beautyful wild countryside!

Brenda Pigott

My dream trip would be to Ireland and Scotland, I've heard how beautiful these places are and would love to see them. Your book looks like it will be amazing, would love to have it!

Mary Hickey

Kids are beautiful. And the quilts are great. Can't wait to get the book in my hands. I would love to see the Northern Lights in Alaska. Have a great day.


The Kids are just adorable and I also love the quilts. My dreamland is Australia. Congratulations on your new book.

Angie H.

My husbands family is from Germany, so I would love to go there and explore the beautiful country.


That is such a hard question as I love to travel and have never been out of the U.S. I have a long list that comes to mind, but I'll narrow it today to New Zealand, and would hope that I could go on over to Australia, too, since it is so close.
Your little models are so adorable.

Lori Stephens

Actually we had a layover in Iceland on the way to Germany. We barely had time to look out the windows. But on the flight, each seat had a screen to watch movies, etc. There were commercials telling about Iceland. I would love to see all the waterfalls. It looked like very beautiful country on the commercials. Near the Airport looked pretty barren. The language would be a challenge too. I am always up for a challenge though.

shirley j. b.

Beautiful children!

New Zealand and Australia via cruise ship would be my choice. (It would be especially nice is this was a quilting cruise!!)

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