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October 20, 2011


Lori M

Too funny about the mini van. I'm fortunate that I missed that era but we had the dreaded stationwagon! My dream vacation has always been Australia. After that is England & Scotland. Ironically I joined the USAF 33 years ago to see the world. I never made it out of the US my 6 1/2 years of active duty. My husband retired from the USAF we were stationed stateside the entire time also.

Mary Ellen H.

You're right, Paula does an outstanding job of 'capturing the moment'. The baby quilts are perfect for quick gift and a great stash buster. My dream trip would be Australia.


I would love to go to Italy and Ireland. Those kids are adorable! Can't wait to get my hands on your book. Thanks for the chance to win.


I would just love a trip to Mpls.! Yesterday bought a Circa 1934 charm pack waiting to get my hands on your new book to make the tote!

Darlene B

Someday I would love to go to the Netherlands where my grandparents were born. I would love to go in the spring to see the fields of tulips! Love the quilts and models....too cute!

Bonnie H

My first choice would be the United States. I live here but haven't seen all that I would like to. My second choice would be Switzerland. Your book looks wonderful and of course, the models are awesome.


I dream placeto go would have to be Italy or Greece. The Kids are just adorable and also the quilts.

Kim B

I would love to go back to Norway to visit family. It felt like home, no matter where we were.

Your models are just precious and I can't wait to make the baby quilts!


I would travel to the United States. Mostly because we live close to the States border and we can be in beautiful Vermont or New York states in a few hours.
I do not like to fly. My second choice would be Western Canada.

Have a great day

Philomena Gaslard

I love these quilts, they are so bright and lovely.

Philomena Gaslard

I would love to go on a quilters cruise, it does matter where to.

Deb Sheffield

I would travel almost anywhere, but my first choice would be back to Chile, to visit my exchange student family! It's been three years, which is too long... Iceland would be interesting, too; reading your blog has sparked my interest in your homeland!

Vickie Streich

I would love to travel to any country, as long as my husband would be with me on this trip. I've been to Norway five times but all before marrying. I'd like to return there to introduce him to my relatives.

Kat Scribner

If I had the physical resources, my first choice would be Great Britain and Ireland. Iceland would be a very close 3rd. Where is it anyway? LOL Now there is lots of photos of sweet babies today. The Dream On quilt with all the bright and dark colors would stimulate a babys' environment.

Erin Earl

I would love to travel to Germany to visit my uncle who lives there. Your models were adorable. Love the innocent faces! :)


I would like to go to Greece - not sure why, but that is the place. The new book looks awesome! Every project looks like fun and I really enjoy using your quilt as you go method for your projects.


Those kids are just too cute! It really makes the book special. I think that I would want to travel to Australia if I had the chance, of course I don't have any interest in flying, but this is a dream trip, right?? Actually, Iceland does look quite wonderful too! I love reading about different countries on everyone's blogs.

Leslie J.

Wow!I didn't think I would sound so repetitive so early on, but it would be Sweden. Would love to see the family homesteads, etc. My other choice would be Australia. Thanks for the wonderful previews to an awesome book!


I would like to travel to Eucador. My daughter in law is from there.The photos I have seen look beautiful.


Awww, darling models!! And a cute quilt too.

I would love to go to Sweden, which is my ancestrial home.


Beautiful post - kids... ahh I mean quilts! :) congrats on getting your hands on the book - makes it more real I would think. Love the dream, believe, imagine quilt and I dream of going to the Scandinavian countries where my grandparent are from Sweden and Finland. thanks!

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