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October 21, 2011


Deb Fox-McHugh

Tough decidion! I would have to go with the Knicknack bed runner and pillow. How easy to change out your decor to match the seasons!


I love the runner and matching pillow on the bed. A great way to change up a guest room. Everything in the book is gorgeous. Congratulations.


Wow, there are so many projects I would like to make in this book! I would start with the Grab 'N Go Tote, then I would have to make some of those really cute Boxes. Thanks for showing the projects that are in the book and thanks for putting your great ideas into a book. It is a must have!!!

Pálína Björg

I would start with the Grab'N go tote, I love how pretty and functional it is.
Then I would make the fabric boxes for my kid's cube storage shelves...and another fabric box for my knitting stuff beside the sofa. Eventually I will probably make everything in the book though, I really love it :)


Það er erfitt að velja, þó ekki - ég mundi byrja á boxunum síðan allt hitt, ekki spurning.
Frábær bók

Sigurlína Magnúsdóttir

Með betri bókum sem ég hef séð lengi! Langar að gera nánast allt en ..... ég myndi byrja á barnateppinu þar sem ég er að verða AMMA í fyrsta sinn eftir 1-2 vikur :D
Get ekki beðið eftir að eignast bókina!! :)
Kv. Siggalína

manybooks (Linda)

Oooo- love those runners! If I had the book in hand, I would use make Ripple Effect with some holiday fabrics! Probably some leftover 12 Days of Christmas and throw in other scraps as needed :) What a fun runner!

Grace Keir

That's not an easy question to answer. I like many of choices.......but alas, choose the knick knack pillow. I could use a new pillow or two in my living room. I can't wait to try it.


The big laminated bottom tote! When I go off to sewing class the ladies always joke as to "Who brought the kitchen sink ?" - this bag could accomodate it and all of my supplies. I love being organized.


Wow, hard question! I don't have a round table, but I would still love to make those round matts. Those are so neat!

Thanks for a fun week of seeing your book!

Christine M

I think I would make the Wings of Love quilt. Or maybe the Roadhouse Runner. Or maybe......!

this question was way to hard to answer, I thank in 6 hours i would make as much as I could from the book, I would just open it and work on what is on the page I could not choose


I think I would go for the storing cubes, you can never have enough of those :-)

Bev C

I think I would have to make a cuppa and read the book then just pop open a page and make that one. The projects in it are inspiring.
Happy days.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I would make Wings of Love out of Terrain!

Deb Sheffield

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I am so excited about winning the drawing yesterday!!!!! Since I already have the book on pre-order, I will be giving it to my very talented quilter friend for CHristmas, along with a few fat quarters of one of your fabric designs. She will absolutely LOVE it!


You make this one difficult! I think the first project would be the cubes. I have a bookshelf that currently has cubes from a discount store holding many of my kits. Your cubes would replace those and definitely improve the look of my sewing room. Of course, the projects IN those cubes would be waiting for yet another day!

diane L.

I would do the knicknack bed runner and pillow - so simple, but so cute.


Well from the projects you have shown I would have to go for the tubs/boxes. I would sew them up and start filling them immediately. It would certainly help organize my sewing room.


I would for sure be sewing the Wings of Love. I absolutely love the pattern. I would for sure use my stash. Thanks for all the lovely patterns.


This is surely a hard question. I would probably start with the roundhouse runner and if I had time left of the 6 hours do the ripple effect runner, can you tell I love runners, lol. I would love to do every project in the book if I had the time and fabric.
Alda, Fl

Karen W.

I would try the Roundhouse Runner.

Jessica Hickey,

OMG!! The boxes, and the bag. Can I make it for a lot longer then that I would love to have time to sew, between work and chase the 3 year old and 8 month old.

Nancy Augustine

I think I would start with the bed runner and pillow, then the grab and go tote, then the round table runner, and just work my way through the book. I can see lots of glorious Christmas presents--if only I could have six hours every day!!


Austrailia TABLE runner can't wait for the book!

Ruth B

I love those placemats for round tables so much I may need to go out and buy a round table! Beautiful book Gudrun!

Paulette Doyle

Definitely the baby quilt in the Anna Griffin prints...LOVE it!! And I love that baby!! I want a grand baby JUST like that sweet little guy!!
Take care!


Love the round table placemats. As for a place to travel I will do Iceland anytime, My husband & I have been there 3 times.

Kathy S

If I had to pick a pattern, I would probably pick the storage boxes because they would help me get organized. However, I would probably end up making the fan placemats because I love their unique shape.

Gale Lavers

It would take me at least the first 2 hours going through the book to make sure I didn't miss anything. After that I would make some boxes, the grab and go tote and the roundhouse runner. Did you say only 6 hours?? I would need 6 days at least to make all the great projects in this awesome book. Great job again Gudrun!!


Round tablemats for sure - straight into the runners - then I would opt for a larger project. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Judy C


I would make the fresh blooms placemats.They are very cute.

Sandie~ call me crazy

Oh now that is a wonderful dream! I'd start with the tote and some of the tote fabrics that are coated. I'd be ready for retreat with that big tote! :-) Thanks for the fun! Have a great weekend!


I would make the placemats for a round table. Thanks for a fun week of giveaways.

Patty V

Six hours to sew hmmmmm I'd want to do the ripple effect runner..... out terrain fabric I have some fat quarters in need of a project idea.
Thanks for showing your new book.

Sue Anderson

I would like to make one of the baby quilts just in case I am going to be a grandma again! I am crossing my fingers!

Mary Hickey

Blooming Bounty Topper in my Xmas stash. Then the all the runners and place mats. I hope my quilt shop has order the books. Have a great weekend. Tomorrow my daughter and I are having a sewing day. I hope to get a lot done. Thank you for all your patterns.


You are making this answer hard because I like all the projects. The first would probably be the fabric boxes or the tote. Also love the roundhouse and the ripple table runner. Lots to keep me busy in this book.


Tablerunner for sure. Then Tote bags and Fan place mats. I love smaller projects. Thanks for letting us participate in the contest. Even if we don't win I love to read the comments as well.

Have a great Holiday season.

Patricia Wachowiak

The fresh blossom place mats. I'd choose your fabric, Super. Love the floral and the colors!

Jo Anne

Wings of Love.


My favorite is the Ripple Effect table runner with the Roundhouse Runner close behind. Just give me the six hours and all the goodies necessary to make the project, and I'll be off and running! Thanks for the giveaway.

Patricia Dawe

This is the hardest question of the week!!I want to do all of them.With the six hours to play with, I'd start the bed runner. Coincidentally, before you posted your project, I had mentioned to a quilting friend that I'd like to do a bed runner, and magically,the next day,I saw and
loved your design. So, how could I not do this one first??


I guess I'd have to make the bin/boxes (there are too many wonderful things to choose from!). I see those being very useful with two kids. Everything would finally be organized. Thanks for all your wonderful projects!

Lois Mecord

I am just about to start Christmas projects your ideas. So easy and quick. The bright Ripple Effect Runner is sure to please.


All wonderful projects so really hard to decide but I am really taken by the ripple effect runner in the first colorway , just gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win .

Carla G

First the Dream On Baby Quilt for a new baby arriving in November, and the Placemats for a round table for my in-laws for Christmas! What great ideas! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

Julia P

The tote bag and the boxes. Fantastic book and all of the projects are to die for! Have a great time at Fall Market!


I think I would start with that roomy tote bag that you used a laminate for on the bottom. Such a cute & practical bag!

Kim B

Playtime runner, than the placemats. I loved everything in this new book. Looking forward to seeing you at Lake Beauty in November!

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