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August 10, 2013



I love easter! I love it because every year the family gets in a giant peep fight. AND I do mean everyone young and old. Its always so much fun

Nancy of IN

I guess Christmas because I love to give gifts.
Love the table runners.


Thanksgiving because the whole family gets together. The other holidays not everyone can make it. But thanksgiving we all come together, all 100 of us.


I love Christmas - it's the one time of year that all my family are home!!


I love Christmas! It is our Savior's birthday and helps us to focus on other people's happiness and needs rather than our own. I love making and buying gifts for others!


Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love to surprise family and friends with handmade gifts created especially for them. I love the Christmas traditions, Christmas Eve mass and supper. I love the blending of family and the goodwill that abounds. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

Christine H.

Thanksgiving is my favorite. It brings back memories of the entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins) crammed into my Grandma's farmhouse for the entire long weekend playing boardgames, doing jigsaw puzzles, and eating lots and lots of yummy pie!

Mystica Varathapalan

The one holiday that the whole family tries to get together is Christmas. That's the favourite part.

Tami Chaulk

Happy Anniversary Gudrun! My favorite holiday is Christmas! It's one of few times when the whole family is able to get together. I also like Thanksgiving. It happens to also be my father's birthday. It's a lot less stressful and there's always very good food! Thanks for the chance to win Fast & Furious Holiday.

Terry H.

It's hard to pick just one but I would have to say Thanksgiving if I have to choose. I love autumn, the cool in the air, the smell of autumn leaves and the start of a mystery quilt. I hope I win this book as the patterns are so cute and I can see a lot of gift ideas. Thank!


Halloween!! Love to see the children having fun, and creations of mine are so spooky!!

Debi Horne

I love Thanksgiving. It's in the fall, and that's my season. I feel this holiday doesn't get the attention it deserves though. Having family all gathered together is the best feeling. There might be a little hustle and bustle, but mostly eat, talk, and relax.

Debi Horne

Patricia Dawe

I love that warm cozy feeling that Christmas always brings.

Cathy A

Christmas is my favorite holiday, love all the festivities, and family time!


My favorite holliday is Halloween. I love all the decorations. Looks like I'll have to get busy.

kay holm

my favorite holiday is christmas because I get to pick out and make gifts for family and friends. even if I don't get to see them all, I know I can send my love in a very personal way.

Shirley J B

My favorite holiday is Christmas and celebrating Jesus's birth!


Christmas is my favorite because we are able to spend time with family.

Mom C

I do love Christmas. I love the feeling of happiness, hurry, well wishing, doing for others, and joy that is there during the Christmas season. Thanks.


Halloween. I love to see all the great costumes and of course the leftover CHOCOLATE!!!! That means there is a sewing day in the near future as sewing and chocolate go hand in hand. Love your quilt as you go projects.

Anya King

I love Thansgiving. It is a great time with family and a couple of days off when you can really relax.


My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love how everyone is in a good mood, the lights are up everywhere, shopping, cooking. thanks for the chance.


My favorite holiday is Labor Day. The weather is usually perfect for a gathering or to do something outside. It's not as hectic nor needs all the preparation like Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a holiday that I can relax during.

Sandy D

My favorite Holiday is Christmas.I love getting out my Christmas Quilts and decorating with them. It is Family time.


Thanksgiving would be my favorite. Was my last holiday with my dad. We all get together at my aunt for dinner!!! Then comes all the decorations and planning for Christmas :-)) Thanks for all the chances to win. Beautiful work!!!


My favorite holiday is Christmas. A time when family comes together.

Mary Hickey

My favorite is Christmas. I love to decorate so any holiday is fun. I have made all those projects that you showed today. They were fun and fast. I need to make the trees table runner again. I have the perfect fabric that I found in my stash today. My husband went on Fat Quarter shop and bought me your new book. Happy dance! Thank you again for everything you make. Have a great day!




Christmas because the family is home together.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Christmas. I love the family time and the goodwill that seems to be in the air everywhere. Thanks for the fun!


My favorite holiday is by far Christmas. I love the whole thing, shopping for others, picking things out for those I love, watching the smile on the kids faces, the big family dinner, the whole day together playing and having fun! I only wish it snowed in Florida for a white Christmas lol

thank you for the chance!


Happy Anniversary Gudrun. Our favorite holiday is Christmas! We take time to pause and just be together and remember the Christ child and his humble birth.I also like Thanksgiving, less stressful and very good food!

Sheri Fowler

My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas, but I have never really done more decorating other than the tree and lights. I would love to amp it up a bit and winning your book might give me inspiration!!!

Mary Ellen

Our favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We can concentrate on family and a wonderful dinner, with too much food, of course.


My favorite holiday is Christmas. Growing up my parents always made it so much fun for us. I come from a family of 9 children so it must have been difficult for my parents to please all of us at Christmas. They succeeded because to this day even though both of our parents are no longer with us, my siblings and I and our individual family units celebrate Christmas Eve together the way we used to when we were young. Christmas Eve is always a riot. So much fun playing games, nephews and nieces and grandkids play with one another until a minute before midnight. Then the real fun begins!

Allison D

I really love Christmas because decorating for it is so much fun!


My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love getting a head start on gifts by making them in the summer. And I love to see what I can come up with using all the leftover scraps!!


Easter! By then the flowers start to grow and bloom and the grass and trees start to get green too! Sure signs of new life after a long, long winter... but most importantly Easter because that is the day that Jesus Christ rose from the grave and promises us all new life too if we trust in His death and resurrection! Love your designs and thanks for the giveaway!

Joan H.

I love Christmas for all the fun and family time, but I think my favorite time is Easter with all the signs and smells of the coming spring.

Barbe Price

i would say Christmas, it is the one time of year family all gets together.

Maeve M

I have always enjoyed Christmas and Halloween. I decorated a lot for Christmas and I used to make a dozen or more Halloween costumes for coworkers, children and nieces and nephews.


Thanksgiving is my favorite. That is when the most of our extended family gets to be together for just a quiet day of visiting and catching up and of course eating!

Kathleen Panzera

EASTER! While I'm not usually a "pastel" person, there is just something about Spring and soft colors and the smells of the new grass that just feels special.


My fave holiday is Halloween, I think it is because I like seeing all the cute costumes.
(smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)


My favorite holiday is Christmas. Mostly because it is a time to get together with friends and family.


I love Christmas first of all because of its special religious meaning to me. But it's a wonderful, fun time for tradition mixed with the new. I decorate with quilts and handwork from past years but also a few new projects. Your book has lots of them I would love to make; thank you for the chance to win it.


My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, probably because my birthday is at the end of November!


Christmas is such a fun and special time with all the family events, but I think Easter is my favorite holiday. Besides the religious significance, it usually marks the end of long northern winters and I enjoy the general shift of activities as our world "wakes up" in the new season.

Lani G

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I host for the family and it is fun to decorate! Thanks for the chance to win this book.

Susan Stanton

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's a relaxing day with the family, no busyness of Christmas Day. The weather is usually good so that everyone can take a walk after eating, and enjoy being outdoors in the cool crisp air.

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