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August 11, 2013


Rachel Renee

I made a big quilt of blues,greens,and browns with matching monkey fabric from Ann Kelle Urban Zoologic line for my youngest sister's baby. She loves monkeys! On the back, I had a field of green MixMaster fabric by Patrick Lose interrupted by a fat brown stripe in the middle and a baby monkey appliqued on the stripe as if he was half sitting on it with tail curled. She went nuts over it. My nephew was born last week so he can enjoy the quilt for a long time

Marie Chat

A special quilt I made was one for one of my sons. I had made many of the sampler blocks in a block a month from a local shop, made the extra blocks and then put it all together. I wasn't happy with it as it was small ~ a lap-size. But then I retired from teaching, grabbed that UFO, and added more sampler blocks all around it and it made a queen sized quilt which he loves!


I am making a quilt for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. It is all bright colors and I have appliqued her initials on it with a few daisies. It is my first BIG quilt and I am very pleased with it.


My favorite quilt would be the one I made out of the homespun fat quarters that The Mountain Laurel Quilters gave me when my dad passed away. I held on to them for several years.. Until I found the perfect pattern for them.. It was Bonnie Hunters The Quilt that Love Built !!! Thanks to all you lovely ladies for all the inspiration !!!! Hope you all have many more blessed years:-). Happy Sewing.....


My dh is a logger, and one of the very first quilts I made was a lap quilt for him full of woodsy wildflowers, brown dirt roads, mtns, trees... and a log cabin in the middle. It has a flannel backing too. He loves his quilt, even 15yrs later :)

El Wilson

My special quilt is one I made for my sister when she was diagnosed with cancer last year. I made it in a fortnight and that is very quick for me.

Lori Morton

My daughter lives in NC...I live in Ohio...& we are learning to Quilt together long distance. We are on our third round of quiltin together now.... Our first was a pinwheel pattern...and at Christmas the last 2 years...we swapped them...I got hers, she got mine!! We are having soooo much fun, and learning, and surprising...together!!! :) Grrrrreat Heart Memorie's!!

 Kris  Dauth

I made a quilt for our Pastor's wife and fellow hand bell ringer when she was diagnosed with cancer. It had appliqued flowers on which each hand bell choir member wrote a special message. She said it was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. She lost her battle with cancer just short of a year after I presented her with the quilt.


I made a quilt for my younger sister to go to college with. When she cried I knew I had a winner.


HI,just finished a really neat quilted throw of all browns+blacks for my son-in-law!
Hope he thinks it is Special!

Thanks for your inspiration+giveaway!

Patricia Dawe

My youngest sister loves everything Christmas.She also is the sister who cared for our Mom in her family home for seven years.
So each year, as a special "thank-you" I do a quilted Christmas project for her.


Most recently I made a special quilt for my Dad. It was a machine applique VW Beetle. Took forever, with all the applique, but I love the way it turned out.


I have made my 3 kids each a t-shirt quilt to take to college with them. That way they have something personal to remind them of home.

Marye Albritton

I started quilting 2 years ago. I have a friend who he and his wife are like a brother and sister to me. He is an Elvis fan to the point of having an Elvis portrait on his shoulder. 2 1/2 years ago, I came across some Elvis fabric with 2 coordinating prints. I immediately snatched up all I could find through eBay and the bug bit. I made him a lap quilt and honestly, could not wait to give it to him. He was rendered speechless and to this day, loves to lay under it with the ceiling fan going (we live in FL) watching TV.

Lee Ann

WoW! Happy 10 years!!!! You go girl!

Shirley J B

I have made many special quilts, especially for my family, but I think the one with the most significance is the one I made for my granddaughter's benefit. Emma was born 17 weeks prematurely at 1# 6 oz and I made a Christmas quilt as the benefit was a week before Christmas. My sister won the quilt on the silent auction and then gave the quilt to sweet Emma! Emma just turned 2 and is now doing quite well!!
I love your Scandinavian designs; my grandparents emigrated from Norway and I decorate with my heritage in mind. I love your new fabric line and especially the colors!!
Thank you for the chance to win!!


I don't have one special quilt, each one I made has been special. I make a lot of quilts to be given to nursing home patients and in the past hospice patients. I always try to make them colorful and fun to look at--kinda like your Nordic Christmas quilt. Congrats on the anniversary and wishing you many more.

Nancy of IN

Which special one! Everyone I made is special as they are for a specific. I made a t-shirt quilt for son using his running t-shirts. He really loves and his family want four more; I have enough t-shirts to make!


My son and I went to a quilt shop when he was six years old. They had at pirate quilt on display. When he saw it, his eyes was literally speaking popping out of his head. I bought the fabrics needed and made him that pirate quilt. Now at the age of eleven it is still very dear to him and nobody is allowed to borrow it! Hugs Ullis in Sweden

Joan H.

I have made quilts for ever member of our family over the years and each one was my favorite as I was hand quilting it. My most recent one is my present favorite one. It was made for our first great grandchild...a beautiful little red haired girl who has stolen our hearts.


I made a quilt top for my granddaughter 14 years ago. It is just now being quilted. She chose the fabric and pattern when she was five! The choice was because of the cute stuffed animals on the bed, not the quilt!


I made a quilt one Christmas for my BFF. It was my desire to make it for her wedding anniversary in September, but life got in the way, and it was forgotten. But I went ahead and made it as a Christmas present. I was so very glad I did, because nine months later, my BFF lost her battle with cancer and she was gone. I have such sweet memories of our 20 year friendship, and I still miss her a lot.


Love your quilt! It's absolutely beautiful!
My daughter who bakes pies, cupcakes, and anything sweet and gooey began being a vendor at our local farmers' market last year. I made her a cake/cupcake quilt for her display table. She loved it, and it was perfect for her! So many people have complimented her on it, and she always says, "my momma made it for me!" I loved having a project and a deadline and am so glad it made her happy.


I love your pattern! Each time I make a quilt that one is the most special quilt. Past favourites though are a pair of small rainbow wall hangings for my daughter and a baby quilt for a friend's son.

Karrie Smith

I'm working on my first quilt right now! That one I will always remember.


Congratulations on 10 years Gudrun! The book looks great! I loved the two color quilt I made for my new daughter in law in her favorite colors, pink and cream. She cried when she received it. So special!

Pat V.

I am working on a very special quilt right now, a wedding gift for my niece and her new husband. Of course, after I started it I decided it needed to be twice as big as I first thought! So I've finally rounded up enough fabric to make it the right size, now just need to finish it up!

Angelia L.

I haven't really made a quilt yet. I am a new quilter and have only made small projects like a small Halloween wall hanging (does that count as a quilt), mug rugs, and pouches. I do have a quilt project ready to go but I'm still working on the confidence part to start it. I would like to make a table runner first....would love to make one of you quilt as you go patterns. Thank you!

Sharon Hughson

I just finished and delivered a photo quilt to my sister who is in a nursing home in IA. She has beaten CA 3Xs and is a fighter, but her kids believe she is on her last bout. Not me. I made the top at first for her retirement at 65. Never finished it. She is not 76 and I wanted to get this to her before it was too late. I put fabric photos all over her top. The pics were of her childhood, marriage, parenthood, and current life. Everyone enjoyed it tremendously. I gave her some instructions on how to get better and get back home. She is working hard to that end.


i made a baby quilt for some friends,when they were adopting their son. Until that time their dogs had been their "children", so for a boy quilt,I choose all puppy fabrics,with dog bowls, and hydrants. They loved the quilt and their new baby, who just turned 10 this last week.


A friend was going to be a grandma for the first time. Her daughter had a baseball theme for the baby's room (they knew it was going to be a boy). I made a baby quilt with baseball fabrics and quilt bats, mitts, and diamonds into it. It was so much fun to make but it did make grandma cry.

Carol C

I made a house quilt in very bright fabrics with royal blue sashing and yellow stars at the cornerstones for the mom of my son's girlfriend when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She and her family were very special to us and I was happy to be able to do something for them that was a little unusual but obviously heartfelt.

Maeve M

My favorite quilt and the hardest was a photo quilt I did for my sister's 50th- pictures of the both of us and some of our mom - each picture enclosed with a Celtic knot - took forever to sew around each picture!


One of my favorite quilts is the king-sized one I made for our oldest grandson who is a corpsman in the Navy. He is Texan through and through so I used a huge assortment of Texas-themed and western fabrics. Now no matter where he is stationed, he has Texas hugs from home to surround him.

Terry H.

I would have to say my first quilt made around 1975. It was also for my dad. It is too bright, made with poly blend cotton, huge Ohio stars and not quite big enough for a twin bed. But my dad thought it was great and used it for years on his bed.


I made my first quilt for my first grandchild, before she was even conceived. I hand pieced and hand quilted it and it took me 3 months to make. I used my own design and my daughter has it hanging on my granddaughter's wall above her crib.

Marilyn Rogez

The special quilt would have to be for my niece, a double wedding ring quilt. I started this quilt January 2012 when she announced her engagement. But alas I'm still working on it. I tried to quilt it on my domestic sewing machine but it was too big. I am in the process of hand quilting and hoping she gets it before Christmas. :-)


I have made four special quilts for each of my grandchildren. They love their quilts. I also made a special label to go on the back of each of the quilts with their baby pictures. Your Nordic Christmas quilt is beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity.


The first quilt I made was for my Mum - it stayed with her until she died in 2000 and now it lives with me

Tami Chaulk

My special quilt is the first one I ever made. It was for my husband and included many of the fabrics that I had been collecting for years. I didn't start quilting until after I retired but I had been visiting quilt stores with my mother-in-law for years! The quilt was made with 9 patches and alternate patches of fabric his mom picked out.


Made a friendship quilt for a dear quilting friend, during her long battle with cancer. It was a bright and cheerful quilt with batten burg lace doilies as the basket bottoms, the friends and families signed The top half of the square had different beautiful floral fabrics and embellished handles....I think it brought her much comfort and love during her final days.


My special quilt is the first one I finished and gave to my son for Christmas last year. He lives on the total opposite side of the country from us and I wanted him to have something to wrap up in that would remind him of his family. I asked him recently if he used it and I was happy to hear him say it gets lots of use.

Mary P

I have made a number of quilts for family and friends. One that stands out is a quilt I made for a little boy. His Mom would lay it on the floor put her son and his toys on it, she would leave and come back, her son had turned the quilt over, she turn it back and said this the top. She went to do something, came back, he had turned it over again. So she watched him to see why he kept turn it over. The back was a Split Rail, he was driving his trucks on the 'rails'! Kids know how to have fun!

Stacy Lindblom

I've made a lot of quilts but my favorite is the one I made for my sister-in-law. She had been married to my brother for twenty years but my brother passed away about five years ago. She was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man about a year ago and they recently married. I made them a wedding quilt and they love it and use it every day.

Carol E

I recently made your pattern, Nordic Visions (hope I got the name right) - the one with the five big cross-stitch style stars. I love that pattern! I made it for a friend in Europe with whom I will be visiting this fall. I can hardly wait to get it back from the machine quilter. It's my first visit to Europe, and I'm excited to take a beautiful quilt along with me.

sandi scarlett

30 some years ago, a friend of mine was pregnant and I wanted to make her a baby quilt. I found a counted cross stitch pattern with Mother Goose, Mickey and some of the other characters so I took a quilting class to learn on to make it. I cross stitched on gingham and put it together. The class was before rotary cutters and the instructor did everything by hand. It was a good class and I've been quilting ever since.

I've been enjoying your Blog. Thanks for having the Blog hop and congratulations on 10 years.

Lisa McGriff

Christmas 2012 was a special year for me. I made throw size quilts for my two daughters, my mother and sister. Each one was designed specifically for that person's style and interest. It was one of the best Christmas's I can ever remember! I love creating for my family!


I'm working on a quilt for my daughter for her wedding next year. The top is Eleanor Burns' Lovers' Knot pattern, and it just needs borders added. I think I'm going to make a pieced back, and then I have to decide if I'm going to quilt it myself or send it to an expert!

Lindsay Mattison

the most special quilt I've made was for my Grand daughter... she's my sewing buddy, and I totally surprised her with it! It was last year, and I made quilts for my daughter, G'daughter, son-in-law, husband, and mom... still trying to get my first quilt for ME done! :)


Special quilt--there are so many when we make Quilts of Valor--I guess maybe the QOV I made for my husband. He didn't get any special love and attention when he came back from Vietnam. We all make special memory quilts, and I often wonder what memories will be recalled many years after we're passed on when a family member, friend, or (oh no) estate sale or garage sale buyer picks up our creations!

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