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August 12, 2013


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Pat V.

I usually see a pattern and am inspired to make it, or one similar -- I rarely follow directions exactly...


My favorite inspiration is a unique combination of color and pattern!


Sometimes I start with the fabric then choose a pattern and other times the other way around.
I have a stack of precuts I am trying to make inroads into. I have found it a challenge trying to find designs which are a bit different. I have therefore been looking for patterns and ideas which are good fits for each set of precuts.


Often it is the colors in a pattern that catch my eye and make me want to make a particular quilt.

Jennifer B

New fabric lines often get me inspired, but the best is when I see a pattern that just resonates with me.

 Kris  Dauth

My inspiration comes from many areas. Sometimes it's fabric, sometimes it's a pattern and sometimes it's a gift for someone special. Regardless, I enjoy starting a new project. That's inspiration in itself!

I enjoyed hearing about your move to the United states. I too would find it hard to part with my stash and am so happy that yours made the move with you.


I'm so glad to have "discovered" you through this blog. Love your designs and patterns and I see myself making one of your patterns soon, hehe. I'm a visual person, aren't we all? I guess my answer is yes to all. I love looking at quilts in my LQS or online for new patterns that grab me. There are a few lines of fabric that have to be bought just because they are so gorgeous, if they become anything or not. When making gifts of course it depends who it's for if I find the perfect pattern and/or fabric. My Mom loves tablerunners and I know she would go love your patterns! Congratulations on 10 years!

Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


Joyce Mitchell

I'm usually inspired by a pattern I see in a magazine, a book or on a blog. Then I re-imagine it in fabrics & colors of my choice, and test it out in EQ7. And every once in a while I actually sew it. Happy 10th anniversary & thanks for the chance to win.

Emily C

Inspiration is awesome, but sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. Often I get a idea from a quilt in a magazine or a pretty block pattern in the tiles of a shop i'm at. Sometimes I will get a request from a family member, because of a new one on the way.

Cathy A

Boy that's a tough question...I get inspired by a pattern, fabric and an occasion, each one in different situations.. I love to sew, quilt, shop for and pet fabric, leaf through books, and magazines, always thinking of an occasion thats coming up so I can find a pattern and fabric! Love having patterns & fabric on hand to get started ASAP.

Sandy A in St. Louis

Usually it is a pattern, whether it is a quilt pattern or something I see that makes me think of a pattern, that inspires me, but sometimes I see a fabric and know just what to make with it. It just depends! :)


I think making a gift inspires me to quilt. I would rather give something I made than something I bought.

Mary Hickey

The occasion and then the person I'm giving it to. Because some people like fall colors and others like modern fabric. Then the patterns but that is easy because I just have to open your books to find a pattern. I just bought your new book and I have already the fabric for the circle runner. It will be fall colors. Thank you.

Christine H

For me, it is just a desire to create. I just love being active and making stuff. When there is meaning behind it (an event, a person), it becomes all the more special.


Blogs are my main inspiration, esp those that have quilt alongs that are just so inspiring to make me want to join along.


Sometimes the fabric design and sometimes just designs in general - anywhere - usually outdoors or in an art gallery. thank you and congrats!

Darlene F.

Most often it is a certain fabric that I just have to have! then I go from there but sometimes it is a certain baby gift or occasion that triggers the start and then I look for the perfect fabric or go to my stash!


My inspiration gets sparked when I see displays in quilt stores or magazines. It makes me want to go home and sew. I have lots of scraps that are given to me and I try to use those along with other fabric and make donation quilts. Thanks for letting us get to know you better on this blog hop. I have really enjoyed "meeting" you.


Seeing other quilts inspire me as well as patterns. Of course all the yummy fabrics out there just make me want to sew, sew, sew :-)

Sue S

For me it's all about fabric -- color and pattern need to be bright and eye-catching. Then I decide what quilt pattern will best express the message that fabric is sending to me. I can't sew on fabric I don't like!

Terry H.

I start quilts for a number of reasons, the most common being a special occasion such as a wedding or birth of a baby. But in between I have a leader/ender project going. Plus patterns or blocks I just want to try. And of course a few kits thrown in for good measure.

Julie Crooks

My inspiration first comes from the need for a gift. I try to make all my gifts handmade. I stock up ideas from books (mostly from the library - I think I have 83 quilting books from ours checked out right now!), blogs, and Pinterest and save them up for when I need a gift.

Speaking of libraries, I've had mine purchase some of your books...but some they can't get here in the U.S.A. :-(

Carol C

I'm inspired by fabric, patterns, and the person I am making the quilt for. One of my main source of inspiration seems to be seasonal. In the fall and winter, I am drawn to warm colours and 'darker' quilts, often with black or navy backgrounds, but in spring and summer I prefer brights and cool colours with cream or light backgrounds.

Joan H.

My inspiration comes from the person I'm making it for. Then comes the exciting search for the perfect pattern and fabrics to complete it.



Mary Ellen

My starting point is the recipient. Then the fabric and pattern are chosen to reflect the persons' likes and personality. I'm really enjoying your anniversaries. It's so nice to 'meet' other designers.

Shirley J B

Seeing the samples in the shops is what inspires me but I always modify them with fabrics and colors to fit who I'm making it for.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Maeve M

50/50 Sometimes it is the pattern and sometimes it is the fabric. Though I have to admit I do fall in love with the fabric so make that 25/75. When I design something - the fabric tells me what it needs.

Sharon S

It's the pattern for me. I always have a "collection" of fabrics waiting for the right pattern. It's all about the hunt, right?

Laurie P

Usually seeing a quilt I love or a color combination of a quilt that inspires me. Also I may see a pattern of something somewhere and just love it enough to sketch it and make a quilt out of it. I always have a sketch book with me to jot things down that inspire me.

Angelia L.

I am a newbie quilter and get my inspiration from all the wonderful blogs like yours. I am overwhelmed with all the beautiful inspiration and generosity out here in blog land. I have a lot to learn. Thank you!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Good question~ I usually just start fiddling around and looking through books for inspiration and when it hits me, I know it. When I'm making a quilt for a special person, I have to feel that the pattern/fabric are what they would like too. And that makes it all the more fun. Thanks for the chance!


Anything to do with Christmas fabric and projects inspires me. I want to make them all. Any blue fabric will also get me wanting to quilt something with it.

barb price

i usually start with the fabric collection or palette, though sometimes its just the block i start with, i've never used a pattern, but play with blocks.

Ann in NC

It depends... Sometimes the inspiration starts with who it is for, sometimes I start with a patern in mind, sometimes I just "need" the fabric and then decide what to do with it.

Mary P

I get inspire different ways, sometimes it is a pattern or book is, maybe a fabric jumps out at me as I walk by and I have to have it, it may also be seeing quilts others have made or it maybe a combination.

Barb Johnson

I get inspired by geometric designs. I'm always snapping photos of interesting tiles, windows, carpets, etc. I was showing my daughter a dozen pictures from our recent vacation, and only half of them were of the scenery and the people - the rest were quilt inspirations! Her comment was - "oh, yeah, I can tell that you have another quilt on the brain!"

Vicki H

My inspiration starts with the pattern and then I shop my stash for the fabrics.


Definitely colour! I start with a colour and just keep adding to it!

Jacklynn Grimm

It's a bit of everything, sometimes the pattern inspires me, sometimes a fabric collection is so pretty I just need to have something made of it. Thanks for the give away!

Sarah Vee

Great question today! I am inspired by colour all the time. I am inspired by the person I am making the quilt or gift for - their age, personality and colours they like. I am inspired by fall and love to capture the saturated colours in quilts. I am inspired by Christmas and like to decorate my home for it! I am inspired by selvages! I love to make things with them. I am inspired by blogs and designers to try new things. I am inspired all the time! Thanks for the chance!

Kim B

Sometimes a quilt pattern calls to me and other times a fabric pattern touches my heart. When they come together, I end up with a quilt that is a "keeper". (I tend to give away a lot of quilts.)

Kathleen Panzera

I think that most often my "impulse" comes from seeing a pattern that looks fun. But sometimes it's a fabric that does it. The biggest problem is that I'll buy the pattern or book and then never get around to making something! It's like a kid with ADD - oooooo look! Something pretty!!!

Lisa McGriff

My inspiration for a quilt is most definetly the person who it is for. I love giving my quilts to people whom I think will truly appreciate what goes into it! Thanks for the giveaway and the anniversary celebration... WHAT FUN!!

Annette S

My inspirations sometimes start with seeing a quilt shop sample on display and the pattern sparks me into thinking what fabrics I have to make it. Or sometimes a fabric just grabs me and I have to buy it and it might sit around for awhile before a pattern pops up that would be perfect for it.


I am mostly inspired by a quilt pattern. Not usually fabric. I think patterns can turn out so differently when you use different fabrics or color ways. So the pattern is usually the motivation to get me quilting.


I am inspired by seeing what others are quilting/creating, for instance your blog. Thanks for sharing your brain!

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