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August 13, 2013


Carolyn Howland

I need to have fewer doctor appointments to balance my life, however the hour drive to the doc gives me time to listen to audio books. I love your patterns and books.


Taking time out for quiet devotions and asking the Lord for calm and balance helps a lot. Putting priorities in the proper place gives me more time for my daily have-tos and wants-tos.

Elizabeth Johnson

Patterns are lovely! I am awful at time management! Going in two many dirrection.

dian hoffman

As a daytime caregiver for my 3 granddaughters(ages 1,3 and 5), I have learned to take time to enjoy the little ones. Nothing I have done in my professional career is as important as my current work. Some days are exhausting but their smiles give me all the balance and happiness I need. A little quilting in the evenings helps too! The housework will always be there.


I find balance when I hem my day in prayer. I seem to have a better day and actually get more done when I let Him in!


One thing I do notice is that I read a lot of books while on vacation and hardly any when I'm home due to lack of time. Being away from home means I am away from my sewing machine but now that I learned EPP, I will be sewing at night while on vacation also. I find balance in my life by setting aside a couple of days a month on volunteer work in my community. What I can't seem to find time for is cleaning my house more frequently or playing with my cat. My cat does let me know when she's feeling neglected, then I drop what I'm doing and take her outside with her leash.
I wanted to let you know that I saw your table runner pattern sold as a kit by Connecting Threads. I am planning to purchase the kit. Your fabric line is awesome too. I am glad I got to visit your blog. Keep it going, please.

Patty Bretheim

I do need to get a better balance in my life, I'll admit. But I do make sure I have some me time, to quilt or craft each day. Congrats to you , you're AMAZING. I love all of your quilt patterns and books. I have been following your designs for years. You are inspiring!!!!! Thanks, Patty B.


I try to break my days into sections. I know I need to spend more time working out and less on the computer and I am working on those areas. I try to workout in the morning, check my email, then sew, then prep dinner, then sew, read, and have computer time before fixing dinner. The problem I have is when I sub, as I am a retired teacher, the whole plan goes kaput. The problem is balancing what I need to do with what I want to do around subbing. I am still working on how to make it all fit.

Ann in NC

Balance... I am not that good at it. I wish I could sew more without feeling guilty that I should be doing somethign else, or that I really need to finish certain projects to enjoy something new. I need to get back to walking routinely.


I find balance by making sure I get time to do the things that I like to do. Plus get enough sleep.

Mary Hickey

Balance for me is sewing. I take care of my two grandsons for four days a week. I try to sew for a couple minutes a day. My five year old grandson love to make things with the leftovers of fabric. He loves me to make him things. Thank you for the fun of this blog hop.


Since having children I haven't found the perfect balance. They are still very little, so I know all this will take time. I do try to squeeze in a few moments each day doing something for myself such as sewing or exercise.


I need less computer time and more sewing time. And maybe some better food choices and more exercise.

Jennifer B

Great question! I have a hard time finding balance because I always feel that my responsibilities come first before "me" time. Which means sewing, knitting, reading come last.


Normally, I find balance by taking time each day to tend to my spiritual, physical and mental needs. Lately, the physical has been left out as I have had to deal with an elderly aunt which takes up so much of my time. I need to start enforcing some boundaries.

Amy DeCesare

I work at finding balance between working hard and relaxing, and for me, sewing offers the best of both worlds.


I find balance by doing a little of everything - a little work, play, exercise, and good food and a littl endulgence w/ choc. coffee and fabric! thank you!


I find swimming helps balance my life. I have been struggling after knee replacement so water therapy has helped me to just relax and forget my troubles for 1 hour each day. I am so greatful for you having this blog hop. I admit I was not very familiar with your designs but will look for them on my quilt trips. Thanks.

Marti M

I need better time management. Getting off the computer :)


I think I've found balance in life with being nothing but mother one week and just being Me one week (although I'm always a mother, even the weeks when the kids are with their dad!) But I definetly need more excercise. Running to the ironing board is not enough :-) Hugs Ullis in Sweden

Kathleen O'Grady

I wish I had more balance in my life but too much time at work and everything else seems to be a rush. I worry to much about having a perfect tidy house when it wouldn't really make a difference. I don't get enough time to do the things I love, sew, run, exercise, read, gardening. I hope that this will change soon. Congrats to you for finding that balance in life.


I think my life is pretty balanced. I'm retired which helps ALOT! I make time for reading, gardening, exercising and of course quilting. I could work on my food choices a little - then I'd be even more in tune!

Anya King

For my lunch every day, I go somewhere and read. The book doesn't matter so much as taking some time to myself. In addition, I try to get in sewing time in the evenings - even if it doesn't start until 9 at night after my son goes to bed. Balance it truly important and you write about it eloquently.


I am hoping for a little balance once school starts again:) Thanks for the great anniversary celebration! Love your patterns.

Lisa McGriff

I generally feel balanced when my kids are happy, hubby is happy, and I can sew! LIFE is Good! Also, I workout 4-5 days a week and I think that helps to keep me HAPPY!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I love to read and do a little hand stitching in the evenings, I think that quiet time is what keeps me balanced when the rest of the day is crazy. Thanks for another chance!


Your patterns are beautiful. I need to balance exercise more. I feel better when I exercise, but lately I haven't been able to stick to my routine and now I'm having a hard time establishing that routine again. Thanks for the giveaway.


I would really love to have more quilting time. The day just seems to get away and before I know it, it's night :-(

Donna Joy

Sewing relaxes me and I love the creative process. Walking out in nature helps to get my balance back, especially after a hectic day.
I enjoy the quilt as you go method, then I don't always have a quilt top waiting to be quilted. Love your patterns.

Angelia L.

Balance....what is that? My life hasn't been in balance for awhile now. My husband has been unemployed for about a year and my youngest son (also unemployed) just graduated from college and moved back home. I don't seem to have time to do the things that helps keep me balanced...sewing, embroidery, beading, and reading. Perhaps I just need to work on some time management skills. Thank you!


I find balance in taking times to read and pray and I make a turbo sleep after lunch. Really helps me to get new energy.

Sandra Timmons

My balance for me is having my own space for a couple of hours. To spend time quilting or even sitting at the computer. You just need to get away from your routine. My husband can watch nascar while I am doing my balance. It is like a break away from life. It just helps and you just gotta do what ever works for you. Those patterns are so unique and so very generous of you to be giving away. Thank you for being so good to us.

Sandi Timmons

Maeve M

My balance comes from taking a few quiet moments each day to read. I am always moving and doing - even when I watch TV! I start to go a little crazy if I don't read.

Margaret Hahndiek

Oh - unbalanced is my current state, sadly, and I don't know how to get past it, though I realise I need to pick myself up by my britches and just get on with things. Getting started is the most most difficult thing for me right now.
. Margaret

Kathleen Panzera

I find balance everywhere - I love walking and then I naturally also love just sitting! Moving through the trails with the sounds and the smells and then chillin' in a chair with a nice book or some hand work. Easier to have a glass of wine while sitting in the chair btw!

barb price

i need quiet time everyday, my thought process is slow, but sewing is very quiet so thats what i do sew daily

Lisa Marie

I exercise most mornings and then I do the tasks that need attention -- cooking, cleaning, etc. After that's done I take time to do things I enjoy like sewing or spending time with friends. I find that balance (or lack thereof) changes as life goes through different stages. As an empty nester I have much more flexibility with my schedule than I did earlier in life.

Mary P

I'm tying to balance my life and quilting. I usually have 3 - 4 quilts (BOM, club house) going at a time, once I get behind on them it seems I can't get caught up again. I think I finally figured it out, when doing a little bit on each trying to get caught I never get caught up; I spend time the other day on one quilt and got it caught, that really motivated me to do the same on the others, I'm almost caught up on the 2nd one!

Patricia Dawe

I liked your comment about having a healthier relationship with your sewing machine.
I often have to force myself away from my
machine to get outside for exercise, or to just enjoy the day.
My more sensible self usually wins, and I'm much happier when I strive for that balance.

Donna Baker

balance is key; since I work FT and commute 1+ hour EACH way and work O.T. nearly every week, that eats up a lot of my 'free' time. fortunately for me, I don't have children so my free time truly is my free time. My husband works evenings Mon-Thu so I am in control of it - yea! I need to make time to chill in front of the tv (do it while sewing too) and walking on the treadmill. oh and we planted in January so I am in the garden watering during the week. lots to do! this is my life, I love it and I am grateful.

Kay holm

I posted a comment on your board and I can't see it. I can't find the place where Julie of Jaybird talks about you, I can only get to Rock Candy, which is beautiful. So, I must be totally unbalanced.



Brandy Pettit

I have been working on finding balance within myself through meditation. I have been surprised at how calming sewing is too, until recently I had never thought of going to my sewing machine for relaxation time, but after taking a quilting class last October and having my instructor explain that a good quilter always ends up using her seam ripper I have found a certain peace in it. I am no longer completely frustrated when I mess up, and that helps me a lot. (I'm quite the control freak...) Thanks for reading, got a little long winded there!
brandizzle7133 at yahoo dot com

Marie Oprica

I'm having a read hard time finding balance with a newborn and a 3-year-old. My time will come when I can get back to exercising and sewing more. I devote everything I have to my newborn right now, but it is so worth it!

Terry H.

I walk and read, not at the same time, to find balance. I would love to try these patterns. They would make great gifts. Happy 10 years. Thanks for the party.

Jacklynn Grimm

I work second shift as a nurse on an Alzheimer's unit. I have 17 wonderful women that I take care of, and I enjoy my job. In the morning, I need to do things for me, to take care of me. Some days (not enough though) I go to the gym, other days I quilt, and some days I stay in bed and read. Do what ever keeps you going and makes you happy. Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for all the wonderful give aways!

Terry H.

I find balance through walking everyday. It lets me think and breathe. It doesn't always work and I really need to find more time to sew but that will come. Thanks for the party. I love your quilt as you go patterns and would love to try these.

Vicki H

I garden for at least 30 minutes each day for relaxation and then I'm ready to go for the rest of the evening. Great set of patterns.


I find balance by hand sewing on my lunch break at work, so at least I get some sewing in each day. I walk a little less than a mile at each of my 15 min. breaks during the day, so I get some exercise. After the kids/hubby are in bed I wind down with some sewing time. This relaxes me and helps me sleep. I don't always get to sew in the evening (new baby), but at least I have it ready and waiting. I also set goals for what I want to do each week so I get more accomplished.


My pilates class - my 'me' time in a hectic life!

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