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August 09, 2014


Ce-Ce B

I would like three special people by me. I like your style in fabrics and patterns, & also Jinny Beyer, whom I have been a fan of for many years. Also Lori Line for lovely soothing piano music. Then she could play while you tought me your line dance!!

Lisa Haines

I would love Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts. I think she is an amazing quilter and I would love to see her do her free hand work!

crafty gramma

I would like you as a neighbor - love your style - and if there was space on the other side, Diana Gabaldon! Inspiration galore! Thanks


Famous or not, a neighborhood of quilters
would be a joy. What fun!

Mary D

Your house block is cool and I thought the whole upper floor would be my sewing space also.

Hmm... what famous next door neighbor would I choose. I would have said Maya Angelou because she has so much wisdom and advice to give. I would have loved to have conversations with her or listen to her read her works and spend time with the people who would come to visit with her. Our worlds do include more than quilting.

Terri Lynch

I'd love to live next door to Karen Mc Tavish or Leah Day so I could get help improving my quilting . Of course I'd love to live by you or Bonnie Huntrt too- but so many already claimed them I think that street is full!


I would like to live next to Camille Roskelley so I could 'borrow' fabric from her if I need some to add to my stash! I could give her a cup of sugar.

Lea Brummett

Famous quilty neighbor Liz Porter, she seems laid back. Hollywood famous....Mark Wahlberg would make one FINE neighbor!

Lori Morton

Wow...soooo many great folk's I could pick...Hmmmm. Think Lori Holt would be fun...and I soooo love her fabrics & style! She could live on one side & Pat Sloan could live on other side! Guess that would make neighbor's huh? lol Couldn't pick just one great have two sides to my house :)

Diane O

Bonnie Hunter on one side and Gwen Marston on the other side. Why should I be limited to one person?

Annette Z

I can't think of anyone I would like to live next to other than my daughter on one side and my son on the other. I don't think they would like that too much though! :P


I want to live next to Bonnie Hunter, so she can personally encourage me to be more scrappy.


Fergus Garrett so he could makeover my garden while I'm sewing!!

CIndy K

I couldn't really make up my mind on just one famous person or quilter that I would like to live next to...but I would really like to live right next to a huge quilting store with everything in it I could think of.
[email protected]


Your house and fabrics are wonderful! I would have two neighbors, seems only right , my bff on one side and on the other Ina Garten! I will let her use all my garden produce and fruit trees and she and I and my bff could cook together. I would show her how to quilt. It would be fabulous!

Barbara Thompson

I would prefer not to have a famous neighbor! I like my peace and quiet!!


I would love to live next door to Nancy Zieman--she is so talented and she has overcome so much.....she has a heart for others.....


I'm sure most people will find this a hilarious answer, but I wouldn't mind living next to the Duggars. I think Michelle might be able to teach me how to be calm and kind in the midst of chaos, and give me some advice on organization.


I would rather not have a famous person next door as I value my quiet and peace. But maybe Toby Keith if he sings while doing yard work.


I would love to live next door to Eleanor Burns, she is so nice. Love your new collection.

Andee Neff

Too funny--I would want Bonnie Hunter as my famous neighbor! Oprah is a fine choice too. Thanks for the chance, your block is great--love that red!

Shirley J B

Gundrun Erla, because of the great patterns & wonderful fabric!


Love your house, Gudrun. And always love your fabrics. I'd love to live next to either P. Allen Smith, the gardening guru or Martha Stewart...maybe her gardeners could come over and help me occasionally! LOL!


Your house is beautiful; I could live there!

Ulla's Quilt World

Your quilts are so lovely!
Greetings from Finland!
Hugs, Ulla

Diane H

Love the 'red brick' look on your house. I'd like some skylights as well to brighten up my sewing area. Can't think of anyone famous I would like to live beside. Anyone who is fun and quilts would be nice.


I would like Irene Blanck as my neighbour. Not only is she a great quilter/appliquer/ designer, She is zany, happy and very sharing. We would get along just fine :-)


A builder! He doesn't have to be famous just good at his job then I would be able to see an end to the renovation work we are doing on our house. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anne M

Actually, I wouldn't mind being your neighbor! You would motivate me to run and you enjoy a good party--oh-/ and there is that quilting thing you do!!

Janet Rice

I'd like to live next door to a massuer and cosmetologist so I could have daily massages and look as good as I'd feel.


Chef Gordon Ramsay - quilt all day and join him for dinner!


The property brothers, can you imagine getting them to design you a studio?!


I would love to live next door to Quiltvilla (Bonnie Hunter) and sew with her on the deck using one of her tredle machines. Love your dream house and really wouldn't mind having you as a neighbor. Especially if you would share some of those awesome scraps from your fabric lines.

Bonnie Larson

Bonnie hunter would be a wonderful neighbour thanks for sharing.


Ricky Tim's could listen to his music and get quilting tips!


Lots of good answers already...I wouldn't mind having any of those people as neighbors. But if I had to pick just one famous person to be my neighbor...I think it would be a musician like Amy Grant...would love to hear some beautiful music coming from next she seems like she could be a great friend!


I'd love to learn some techniques and tips from you. Your house is so cute. Love the red! Thank you for the chance to win.

Lisa Marie

I agree that having Oprah as a neighbor could lead to some interesting experiences. But I'd likely have more in common with some of the "famous" quilters like others have mentioned.

Pat V.

I think Pat Sloan would be a great neighbor. She has so many fabulous quilty friends and guests, and is so energetic!


I would like a quilting teacher and fabric designer! Guess you know the reason why... Love your new fabric line!


Bonnie Hunter is my choice. She is definitely famous in the quilting world, and I could learn a few tricks from her!


Martha Stewart, to learn all her crafty skills

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